How Many Stamps Do I Need?

Hey guys! Are you wondering how to solve your Mistry and want to know how many stamps I need for USPS ?  So here I am for you, let’s get into it.

Basic points to know about Stamps

To know exactly about it, you need to know the following things

  • Size of letter/parcel
  • Weight (grams/ounces)
  • Class, you need to send it.
  • Address to which you are sending your letter/parcel

Postage Stamp Calculator

How Many Stamps Do I Need For a Letter?

Mail Class

Postage Rates

No of Stamps Required

First Class Letter (1 Ounce)


1x 1 oz. Forever stamp

First Class Letter (2 Ounce)


1x 2 oz. Forever stamp

First Class Letter (3 Ounce)


1x 3 oz. Forever stamp

Additional ounce/ First Class Letter


1x Additional oz. Stamp

First Class Large Letter (1 Ounce)


1x 3 oz. Forever stamp & 1x Additional First Class Stamp

First Class Large Letter (2 Ounce)


1x 3 oz. Forever stamp & 2x Additional First Class Stamp

First Class Large Letter (2 Ounce)


1x 3 oz. Forever stamp & 3x Additional First Class Stamp

Additional ounce/ First Class Large Letter or Flat


1x Additional oz. Stamp



1x Postcard stamp

If someone will send a letter from the United States of America to the United States of America, he needs 1 Forever Stamp Or First Class Letter Stamp that costs $0.55. The letter will take 1 to 3 working days and soon will be received by the recipient, so cool but wait.

Remember that this covers the first Ounce; as soon as your envelope goes overweight, the no of stamps requires will vary, and it will take an extra 15 cents per Ounce onto the price. 

Also if you know about Do stamps Expire, you can check it out in detail.

Requirements that your envelope must fit in to be eligible for posting this way.

Rules are as follows:

  1. Must be rectangular
  2. Must have a uniform thickness
  3. Need to be at least 5 inches by 3.5 inches but not bigger than 11.5 inches by 6.125 inches and should not be thicker than ¼ inches
  4. It must be bendable; if not, you have to pay extra charges. which are 21 cents, since it will be classed as “non-machinable.”
  5. If your envelope is squared, then it should be 5 inches. This will be “machinable,” so you will need to pay extra 21 cents.

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How Many Stamps For A Large Envelope:

If you are sending a large envelope in the mail, be sure to purchase the appropriate amount of postage.

How much postage you need to purchase depends on the weight of a large envelope.

There are two types of postage stamps: forever stamps and traditional stamps.

A forever stamp is good for the first ounce regardless of how much the envelope weighs – so if your large envelope weighs more than one ounce, you will need to use more than one stamp in order for USPS to accept it.

According to the United States Postal Service, most large envelopes containing documents that delivers weigh one ounce or less. As such, most manila and large envelopes only require one Forever stamp to send them.

If your large envelope weighs three ounces, you can use three Forever stamps to legally and correctly send the letter for free if it’s accepted at a Post Office.

The problem is that when you visit USPS in person, the agent might want to charge the customer so it’s crucial to know about postage prices because there’s a chance that you’ll be asked for more money than what you had already originally paid if it gets too heavy!

Compulsory Requirements for Larger Envelope:

In order to have your large envelope considered Flat-sized for mailing purposes, the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum Dimensions : 5” x 3.5”
  • Minimum Dimensions : 11.5” x 6.125”
  • Thickness Less than : 1/4″

You Envelope shouldn’t be poly Mailer, because Poly mailers are more three-dimensional envelopes that often require a shipping service for, such as First Class Package or Priority Mail.

when loading up your envelope with stamps: make sure that you’re in fact sending an envelope, not a poly mailer!

USPS considers what are known as flats as “Flats”.

The flat rate postage only allows for sending envelopes when mailing mail at the postal service, so be aware of this before you go on to send any large envelopes.

Common Types of U.S Postage Stamps:

There are a lot of different types but I have shown some Popular types of U.S postage stamps in infographics ! 


How many stamps do I need for Postcard?

If you are going to send a postcard within the united states of America, then it will cost you a little less. Generally, one stamp will be more than enough and will cost you 35 cents, and then you will pop it in the mailbox.

Still, you have an option of overpaying by buying a domestic forever stamp, which is about 55 cents, as you know now.

Your Postcard must follow the mentioned rules to be eligible for this stamp:

  • It should not be thicker than 0.016 inches, and the minimum thickness should be at least 0.007 inches
  • It can’t be bigger than 4.25 inches high by 6 inches long, and the minimum should be 3.5 inches high by 5 inches long
  • It must be rectangular. If not, then you need to pay more, and rules also vary then.

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How Many Stamps For A Manila Envelope ?

If you’re looking to mail a manila envelope, the number of stamps required will depend on a few factors, such as the weight of the envelope, the destination, and the type of postage you use.

In general, a standard manila envelope that weighs one ounce or less will require one first-class stamp, which is currently priced at $0.58 (as of March 2023).

For each additional ounce, you will need to add $0.26 in postage.

For example: if your manila envelope weighs 2 ounces, you would need to affix $0.84 in postage, which can be achieved by using a combination of first-class and additional ounce stamps.

If you’re mailing your manila envelope internationally, you will need to use international postage. 

The cost of international postage will vary depending on the destination and the weight of the envelope, so it’s important to check the current rates on the United States Postal Service (USPS) website or consult with a postal worker to determine the correct amount of postage required.

Another option to consider is using a postage meter or online postage services, such as, which can provide a convenient and efficient way to calculate postage and print postage labels from your home or office.

How many stamps do I need for a parcel?

It’s not easy to mention the exact stamps required to send a parcel to us because parcel postage is charged by size and weight. However, if you want to know the expected price, you can use United States Postal Service postage calculator.

Here are the steps for using United States Postal Service postage calculator.

  1. First, you need to select the distinction where you want to send the parcel
  2. You should write zip codes that will be about you and your recipient correctly
  3. You need to mention the exact date and time you will be mailing the parcel
  4. Select the correct mailing option about the thing you are sending, like Cremated Remains, Live Animals, Day Old Poultry, or Hazardous Materials.
  5. The next step is a selection of shipment you want, like Flat Rate Postcard/Envelope/Boxes, or you can select the price according to the size and shape of the parcel.
  6. Add extras option if want to include like; Insurance, Certificate of Mailing, Registered Mail and more.
  7. After the above steps final cost will appear.

Note: You will need a shipping label printed at a post office if you added an extra option or can print it yourself using  USPS Click & Ship page.

Some other Places where you can buy stamps

How Many Stamps Do I Need To Send A Letter To England/UK ?

If you are sending a letter to England, You will need one Global Forever Stamp cost ($1.30) or 3 Domestic Forever Stamps cost ($0.44) each.

Make sure letter weight less than 1 Ounce. If it exceeds you will pay 45 extra cents per ounce.

How Many Stamps Do I Need for Envelope  ?

So now we will be clearing the mistry of stamps you need to use to send a letter. It is much simpler and will be cleared in seconds.

For Large Envelope:

It is also called flat mail, known to the postal service as a large letter. The number of postage stamps required depends upon the weight of the item which you are sending.

 Weight & Type No Of Stamps Required
0 – 100g (Letter) 1 First Class & 1 Second Class
0 – 100g (Large Letter) 2 First Class & 2 Second Class
101 – 250g (Large Letter) 2 First Class & 3 Second Class
251 – 500g (Large Letter) 3 First Class & 3 Second Class
501 – 750g (Large Letter) 4 First Class & 4 Second Class

For 9 x 12 Envelope:

2 First-Class Postage stamps to mail a 9×12 envelope with a weight of up to an ounce. This is a standard envelope; like a standard letter, it will require postage stamps to be fixed at the top right corner of the envelope. A larger envelope will cost you $1.00 for the first Ounce, with the addition of further Ounce you will be costed $0.02 per Ounce.

How many stamps do I need bubble mailer?

Bubble mailers are perfect for sending delicate items. They provide additional protection and make the package look more professional with its paper exterior; Bubble Wrap lined inside to cushion your valuable cargo from any potential blemishes or accidents on delivery day!

The size of the bubbles will vary depending upon what you’re shipping–the larger they are, Safer Shipping Guaranteed (SSG).

SSGs ensure that if anything happens during transit, such as breakage by courier service providers in-country, we’ll replace all missing parts free of charge.

For Example

If your goal is just the First-Class label (i.e., 4 ounces), then around $3.74 will be enough for 7 Forever Stamps ($0.55 per stamp).

If however-you’re also looking at sending other sorts or heavier items through USPS’ standard Priority Mail option–then expect an additional charge based on their rates from when I checked them last week!

How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Bubble Mailer?

If your bubble mailer is less than 3/4 inch thick with weighing one Ounce or less, then it’s considered an envelope, and postage price stays at $0.55 per stamp; however, if you’re sending something heavier (like books) in a 3/4 inch-thick bubble package with more weight then it will be considered a package, and it’ll cost extra for delivery!

How many stamps for a 4×7 bubble mailer?

For 4×7 bubble mailer, you will need 7 Forever stamps. Each forever stamps cost $0.55. Since it is considered as parcel, total cost will be 7*$0.55 = $3.85. Until and unless its weight should be equal to 4oz or less.

How many stamps for a 6×9 bubble mailer?

6×9 Envelopes fall into the category of a letter-sized envelope.

If the item weighs one Ounce or less and is up to a quarter-inch thick, Forever stamps will suffice- currently rated at $0.55 per stamp.

If you’re mailing something heavier than that, though, additional postage may be needed depending on how much extra weight your package has beyond an exterior cargo pocket. Over 3 ounces, we recommend using “Large envelop.”

How many stamps do I need for a 9×12 bubble envelope?

2 Stamps are needed for a 9×12 bubble envelope.

How to Pick the Correct Bubble Mailer Size :

Bubble Mailer Sizes & Use:

Interior SizeExterior SizeUsed For
4 in. x 7 in.4 in. x 8 in.Small Parcel like USB, Phones, Chips etc
6 in. x 9 in.6 in. x 10 in.Midsize Parcel Like DVDs, books, or photos, CDs etc
7.5 in. x 10 in.7.5 in. x 11 in.Midsize Parcel Like DVDs, books, or Photos, CDs etc
8.5 in. x 11 in.8.5 in. x 12 in.Larger Parcels like books, Magazines, Research papers, Catalogs etc
12.5 in. x 18 in.12.5 in. x 19 in.Extra Larger Parcels like Clothing stuff, Stationeries, Textbooks, Kid Toys etc

People Also Ask

How many cents is a forever stamp ?

55 Cents ($0.55)

How many stamps do i need Per Ounce (oz) ?

The no of stamps you will need for particular mail depends on size and weight, as mentioned earlier. But if it is a letter of weight 1 ounce (oz), then it will be required one first-Class stamp or Forever Stamp.
The forever stamp is considered ideal in the united states. If your letter exceeds the first Ounce, you just need to weigh it as it can be returned back and every additional Ounce will cost you more.

How many Stamps do i need for Package ?

Exactly how many stamps you will need for the package will depend on weight and package dimension. The first four ounces will cost you $ 3.80 in postage; with increasing weight, additional postage stamps will be added for packages having a weight less than 12 ounces (.75 pounds). One or more postage stamps will be accepted.

How many sheets of paper per stamp ?

1 or 2 sheets of Regular Size paper

How many Stamps for a large envelope ?

The number of postage stamps required depends upon the weight of the item which you are sending. Please Check article above as we discussed.

How many postcard stamps equal a regular stamp ?

Two postcard stamps If the price of two postcard stamps equals to atleast $0.55 and under 1 ounce that would suffice.

How many pieces of paper per forever stamp ?

4 to 5 pages of Regular Paper

How many ounces of mail per stamp ?

One Ounce (Oz)


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