How Much is a Postcard Stamp?

It is a frequently asked question how much do postcard stamps cost?

Now we know the answer, as per the latest amendments in the rates devised by PRC, the current postal rate when someone sends a postcard to his desired destination is 40 cents which is equal to 0.40$.

The US postal service does not have variety in the postcard stamps as they have for 1-ounce letter forever stamps. For instance, there is a wedding theme forever stamp but there is no such wedding theme postcard stamp.

According to the new policy, customized postcard stamps are no longer available for postcards.

International Postcard Stamp:

When you are sending a letter from the US to any other part of the world, you will have to change the address.

Still, the process is not much altered and stays in an affordable price range. The cost of an international postcard stamp is $1.30 for the 1 oz postcard or letter.

Do You Need A Stamp For A Postcard?

One needs to understand the importance of stamps to get an idea of why stamps are important for postcards.

The stamp is a piece of evidence that you have paid the money for the postcard. That is why no postcard or letter is accepted and entertained by the post offices that do not have a stamp.

The number of stamps varies depending upon where you are intended to send the postcard. Depending upon location you may need two, three, or sometimes even more than three stamps.

One can usually buy the stamps at the post office. In the US, you have the convenience to buy stamps at most supermarkets.

Stamps are also available at gas stations and mini-marts. To further enhance your ease, USPS makes sure that you can find stamps at souvenir shops and vending machines.

How Much Is A Postcard Stamp ?

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) reviewed the new prices for postcard stamps and gave a favorable decision about prices.

The new prices will not disturb the existing prices of first-class mail forever stamp. The price of first-class mail forever stamp will remain 55 cents.

Although, the single-piece letter has an additional price tag of 20cents with every additional ounce.

The metered mail weighs 1-ounce has a price hike of 51 cents. The postcard stamp’s value has been increased to 36 cents.

The price for a 1-ounce single piece is still flat and unchanged from the previous price which was one$.

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Postcard Stamp Size:

Like every other thing, the USPS also devised the specification for a letter to qualify for the postcard.

For a postcard to qualify it must be rectangular and comply with the dimensions provided.

  • It must be 3-1/2” high, 5” long, and 0.007” thick
  • It must be 4-1/4” high, 6” long, and 0.016” thick
  • The corners must be finished to keep the radius under 0.125”

Before getting confused about numbers, stay relaxed because there is no official size of a postcard but these are allowable sizes.

You can use any paper meeting these requirements of a postcard dimension for printing.

Such size charts are devised so that the mailer carrying your mails can get via the USPS’s equipment more conveniently.

Where To Put A Stamp On A Postcard?

Many people got confused about where to put the stamp on the postcard. Simply, place your stamps carefully on the upper right corner of the envelope you choose to send.

In the case of postcards, place the stamp near the delivery address where a place is specifically designated for this.

In case the letter is bigger and heavier than normal, or if your postcard is also square and large, or if you desired some extra services then you will have to pay some extra amount to get your desires fulfilled.


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