Does Target Sell Stamps ?

Yes. Target does sell stamps.

Target sells stamps and many other postage supplies. Target stores sell letter, envelope and postage stamps. We have discussed two of stores that target offers.

  • super target hypermarket stores
  • standard target stores

All super target stores sell stamps, but some small target stores don’t.

How to buy stamps at target?

Before buying stamps at their stores you need to verify whether the stamps are available or not than you can easily purchase.

One of the thing that should be noted is they are not allowed to raise the prices of stamps, so they offer the same package that you will get in post office for stamps.

Target is the 2nd most popular discount store retailer in the United States.

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What is the cost of stamps at target?

Prize of stamps at target will be same as in post office and are available I form of booklets which will help you to save money by buying a book or a roll of stamps from target.

For example, a book of 20 first class forever stamps costs $9.80 plus tax. A book of stamps is $0.55 less than a single stamp.

This saves you $1.20. If you are a semi-regular stamp user, buying the book could be a good investment.

Target’s working hours

Target stores have fixed service hours. Their stores can be visited from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 11pm.

Hours of operation depend on the location of their stores, at some places it remain open till midnight.

you should verify the holiday opening hours and closing times of your target store online.

Their stores offer a discount for late-night shoppers, making it easy to buy essentials at a reduced price. Make sure you confirmed you target stamps before reaching the store.

About target and history?

Target is the largest American store. It is known among one of the top ten global stores with 350,000 employees.

Target company has one of America’s largest employers of labor.

The company was established in 1902,originally  known as goodfellow dry goods. They opened their first store in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962. Around 1967, the company was renamed to “Dayton corporation”. As of 2017, they have over 1,700 stores across the united states of America.


Yes, target sells postage stamps but they are not always available in all stores. Target postage stamps will be the same price as those purchased from a post office mean they have their fixed rates.

Target does not sell single stamps. They sell stamps in the form of  books, coils, or rolls.


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