How Much Postage for 2 oz letter 1.5, 1.3 & More

Forever stamps were released by USPS (United States Postal Service) in 2007. They are First Class non-denominational postage, which ultimately means they can be utilized to send first-class letters without any increase in the postal rates.

The standard postage is not that privileged and faced the brunt of new rates every time.

Postage for 2 Oz Letter:

As the USPS (United States Postal Service) has increased and implemented new rates this year in the second week of July 2022. The postage for the 2-ounce letter is now 78 cents ($0.78). While the forever stamp costs $0.58.

Please Note: The letter rates depend upon the size of the envelope as well, these rates are for business envelopes that are mainly 6-1/8″ in height and 11.5″ in length.

Standard envelopes (manila envelopes) are placed in the category of large envelopes. The size range for standard envelopes is between 3/4 inch to 1/4 inch in thickness. Anything in this range is categorized as a large envelope regardless of the envelope size.

Anything having a size larger than 0.75 (3/4) inches will be considered as a package that will be having different rates.

Postage for 1.5 Oz. letter:

The postage cost to mail an envelope that weighs 1.5 Oz. will be $0.55. It is suggested to squeeze the letter weighing 1.5 ounces in the mail having a $0.55 stamp. This is because the closer you will be to the weight of 2 Oz. It is more likely that you have to pay some extra money.

Every additional ounce will burden you with the cost of $0.20.

Postage for 1.3 Oz letter:

You must frequently wonder how much it costs to send a first-class mail letter. According to the revised policies, the cost for the forever stamp (first-class) will remain $0.55. The flat rate for 1 Oz. is $1.

With the increase of every ounce, you have to pay $0.20.

Postage for 3 Oz:

The rate for a single-piece first-class letter weighing 3 ounces is $0.98. While the large envelope costs you $1.56.

The postage rate for the 3 Oz package is slightly more and it is $4.00. You will be needing two forever stamps (domestic) and one standard postcard stamp for a large envelope which collectively costs you $1.56.

You can overpay if you use three forever stamps to post 3 Oz letter which will collectively cost you $1.74

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Postage for 1.1 Oz letter:

For 1 ounce letter the First-class letter, the single-piece rate is $0.55. For a large envelope, it will cost $1.16 and for the package, it is slightly more which is $4.00.

For every ounce more, it will cost you 20 cents more ($0.20).

Postage for 4 Oz. envelope:

The Postage price for 4 ounces envelope is $1.76 for a large envelope. For the package, the postage price is $4.00.

You will be needing three forever stamps (domestic) and 1 stamp for $1.76 (2 cents). You can also overpay the price of $0.56 if you are using four domestic forever stamps which will be $2.32.

Postage for 3.5 Oz:

If you want to send a single-piece first-class letter weighing 3.5 ounces then you will have to pay $1.18.

Postage for 1.4 Oz:

The forever stamp cost for first-class mail is $0.58 for 1 ounce. With every increase in an ounce, the postage price goes up by 20 cents. The postage price for letters weighs between 1 and 2 ounces and costs 70 cents.

Postage for 1.8 Oz:

The postage price for 1.8 Oz is $0.70.

Postage for 2.1 Oz letter:

If you use two forever stamps then it will cost you $0.78.

Postage for 3 Oz padded envelope:

The large envelope costs $1.16 for 1 ounce. The cost is $3.37 up to the 3 ounces.

Postage for 4 Oz padded envelope:

It costs around $3.74.

Postage for 5 Oz:

The postage for 5 ounces is $1.96 for a large envelope, for the package it is $4.80.

Postage for 6 Oz:

The USPS charges for 6 Oz is $2.16 for large envelopes and $4.80 for packages. The priority mail costs $7.37.

Postage for 2.5 Oz letter:

The price for a 2.5-ounce letter is $0.78. For a large envelope, it is $1.36 and $4.00 for the package.

How much postage for 1 Oz envelope:

The rate for envelope postage is slightly different than a standard first-class letter. The postage price for a 1 Oz envelope is $4.00.


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