USPS Business Account Vs Personal?

Most people are well aware of the benefits of having a USPS account. However, the scope of having a business-related account with USPS is still hidden from many people.

Many people take United States Postal Services (USPS) as merely a shipping services provider that transport package from one person to another. The USPS is not confined to just transporting packages but it has much more to offer.

USPS is so much trustworthy and popular for its postal services of all kinds. You can avail all kinds of USPS services by just signing up for your account whenever you want. UPSC accounts can be business-related or for personal use.

Both of the accounts are free to create. It does not matter how many packages you send, you just need to pay for the print shipping labels and postage.

The Personal account is also called a “household account”. It can be used for day-to-day needs of mailing i.e. buying stamps, tracking shipments, and shipping packages.

The business account is vast and facilitates you in many ways. You can customize return and receiving options, and negotiated mailing costs.

The additional options that the business account offers are as follows

  • Advancement
  • Tracking Facility
  • Get Mails Anywhere
  • Postage Boxes
  • Use PayPal
  • Create Labels Quickly
  • No Manual Process or Paperwork Required

What Is A USPS Personal Account?

The USPS personal account is different from the business account. A personal account is created for home delivery services like ordering stamps, mailing a package, tracking the packages, etc.

Can I Change My USPS Account From Business To Personal?

In case you have a USPS business account and due to some reasons you want to switch it to a personal account then there is a very simple procedure.

The USPS does not facilitate you with going live online with that. You need to fill out an application form that states about a change of address, then submit it at USPS customer service either in person or by mail.

The form is available online on the USPS website, you can download it and then manually fill it. After that attach the supporting documents that cover all the additional and necessary information that is requested or either mentioned on the online application form.

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What Does The USPS Business Account Cost?

It is a frequently asked question whether a UPSC business account is more costly than a personal account? Here is a simple answer, NO.

Although the USPS business account offers many, unique benefits that personal accounts lack. Still, the USPS business account is free to create; all you need is to sign in to the website if you have already an account. Otherwise, with a simple process, you can create an account in a few clicks.

After creating an account you can select whether you want to create a personal or a business account. Select the respective option and fill in the details like email, address, and phone.

After filling these options, verify the information you provided is correct and rectify if there is some mistake. Otherwise, you will face serious consequences for providing wrong information.


What account to choose, totally depends upon your preferences but business entrepreneurs know the significance of having a business account.

The USPS business account is more beneficial, valued, and lucrative.

Dealing with multiple clients required a fully customized account. This only is possible with a USPS business account.

The new features of the business account can facilitate your customers in many ways and add more customer satisfaction.

Apart from having accounts, the USPS is equipped with the latest technology and completely competent with the technological trends.

You can take benefit of its hassle-free communication with its consumers, streamline your payment and shipping procedures, conduct strategic campaigns, and utilize an amazing customer experience.

If you are confused about what to choose between a business account or a personal account, then a simple answer is, If you can afford a business account then go for it.


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