How Many Stamps In A Book Of Stamps?

A book of stamps usually contains 20 stamps.

The Book of stamps is wrapped inside a cardboard to prevent it from damage or scratches.

If you are going to send a letter or parcel frequently, you may need a book of stamps rather than a single one.

It will be easier for you to choose stamps from a book for sending your letter, postcards, etc.

Book of forever stamps is most considerable and usable if you are sending letters or parcels within the United States.

You can use this booklet for a long time because it won’t expire. So, you can buy a book of stamps in bulk for your future use.

Latest Postage Rates For Letters, Postcards & Envelopes:

Postage Rates by WeightPrice ($)
International Postcard$1.15
Metered Mail Letters per Ounce$0.51
Metered Mail Letters (Additional Ounce)$0.20
Letters per Ounce$0.55
Letters – Additional Ounce$0.20
Flat/Large Envelope Per Ounce$1.00
Flat/Large Envelope (Additional Ounce)$0.20

Cost Of A Book Of Stamps:

Usually, a book of stamps costs $11. If a price of a single stamp is $0.55. Mostly the price may vary with the stores from where you are buying.

Price may vary slightly if you buy from Publix, Target, Walmart rather than USPS.

Because most of them will charge an extra amount of shipping cost, it may cost you some extras.

Better to check out the Shipping details and pricing of every online store where you plan to buy stamps for your use.

How many Stamps do you need?Does Publix sell stamps?Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

How Much Is Roll of Postage Stamps:

There are various types of stamps available in Roll and Coil Format. Most Roll of stamps contains 100 stamps. Each Forever stamp cost $0.55. For 100 Stamps (Roll of Stamps) price will be $0.55 * 100 = $55.

Note: Many factors affect the current price of stamps, including Regulation of USPS, Political and Economic factors, and their expenses thought a year.

Stamp TypeSinge Stamp PriceRoll of Stamps Price
1st Class Forever Stamp$0.55$55 for 100 Stamps

Till January 2018, a single forever stamp price was $0.50 but the company had experienced a net loss of approximately $4 Billion; due to this reason, they increased a stamp price from 50 cents to 55 cents to cover the operation cost and to increase the stock of stamps.

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Recommended Places To Buy A Book Of Stamps ?

There are many options to purchasing a stamp-like you can purchase from your near Grocery stores, Retailers & Banks.

Also, you can directly visit your local Post Office, but USPS, Amazon & eBay are the best places where you can buy stamps. The best thing is you don’t need to visit their stores; you can directly order online.

It’s a good and time saving for everyone who used to send latter or parcel daily.


A book of stamps contains 20 different stamps. The total cost of booklet is $11.

It’s a convenient option rather than buying a single stamp.

Stamps are perfectly wrapped inside a cardboard cover, and it allows you to easily remove a single stamp from a book without affecting other stamps on the same page.

Each stamp costs $0.55, so if we multiply $0.55 with 20, it equals to $11.

You can purchase stamps from Amazon, USPS, Walmart, Walgreen, etc.

Some of them provide a facility for selling stamps online, and some stores don’t sell online. You may need to visit their official site or contact their support for confirmation.

Recommended Place is USPS, where you will get a reasonable price compared to other stores in a market that are selling stamps.


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