What is Propane Tank Recertification Stamp

Your propane cylinder is important for your safety. It’s the only way to safely transport and store fuel, so it needs regular maintenance in order to keep you safe! Luckily, recertification process simply requires a simple test performed by certified retailers that ensures your cylinders remain fit to carry propane.

If this has happened recently with any of my cylinders, I know they will be replaced right away if needed as required under state laws.

How To Read Propane Tank Recertification Stamp ?

Replacing a propane cylinder every ten years is necessary to ensure safety. To find out when the propane cylinder was requalified, locate a sequence of numbers and letters that end in ‘E’.

 Example of Propane Tank Recertification Stamp
Example: 06 PD3 22 E
  • 03 – Month of requalification (June).
  • PD3, DX7 etc – These are Requalifiers registered marks.
  • 12 – Year of requalification (2012).
  • E – E is Procedure Symbol & stands for External Visual Inspection.

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