Does Pick N Save Sell Stamps

Yes, Pick N Save sells stamps at most of their locations. As a USPS-authorized retailer, Pick N Save offers convenient access to purchase postage stamps while grocery shopping.

About Pick N Save

Pick N Save is a popular supermarket chain founded in 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Originally started as a warehouse-style food store, Pick N Save eventually transitioned into a more traditional grocery store format. Today, there are around 93 Pick N Save locations throughout Wisconsin employing over 10,000 people.

Pick N Save stores offer all the departments you would expect in a full-service supermarket including bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, produce, meat, seafood, and more. They also have pharmacies in many stores.

Buying Stamps at Pick N Save

You can purchase stamps at most Pick N Save supermarket locations. They sell stamps right at the checkout, so grabbing some when you are already there grocery shopping is quick and convenient.

Finding Stamps in the Store

The stamps are usually kept in the cash register drawer at Pick N Save. Simply let the cashier know you need stamps and they will grab you a booklet from their drawer.

Types of Stamps Sold

Pick N Save tends to offer a limited stamp selection focused on the basics. They typically sell:

  • First-class stamps
  • Forever stamps

The stamps are sold in booklets of 20 stamps. Pick N Save does not sell individual stamps. Some locations may be able to sell you a single stamp if requested, but policies can vary by store.

Finding a Nearby Pick N Save with Stamps

To locate a Pick N Save supermarket in your area that sells stamps, use the store locator on our website. Simply enter your zip code and the results will include all Pick N Save stores near you.

Once you locate a convenient Pick N Save, call ahead to the customer service desk to confirm they have stamps in stock before making the trip if needed.

Why Choose Pick N Save for Stamps

There are several benefits to buying stamps when you are already grocery shopping at Pick N Save:

  • It saves an extra errand to the post office
  • You can buy food, prescriptions, and other household items in the same trip
  • Open evenings and weekends for added convenience
  • Friendly cashiers to quickly grab you a book of stamps

While still affordable, stamps at Pick N Save tend to cost more per booklet than directly from the post office. But the trade-off in convenience is often worth it for many shoppers.

Alternatives for Buying Stamps

US Post Office

The United States Post Office sells stamps at the lowest face value prices. They have the largest variety and inventory of stamp styles and denominations. Many post office locations also have self-service kiosks to purchase stamps if preferred.

Other Retail Stores

In addition to Pick N Save, many grocery stores, convenience stores, office supply shops, pharmacies, and big box retailers sell stamps including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, Sam’s Club, and more.

Online Websites

Buying stamps online through vendors such as and can also be convenient. Stamps ordered online are typically mailed directly to your door.

People Also Ask

Can you buy stamps at Pick N Save?

Yes, most Pick N Save locations sell postage stamps at the checkout registers. They carry first-class and forever stamps in booklets of 20 stamps.

How much are stamps at Pick N Save?

Stamp prices can vary slightly by location, but expect to pay between $11-$12 for a book of 20 first-class or forever stamps at Pick N Save currently.

What types of stamps does Pick N Save sell?

The stamp selection at Pick N Save tends to be quite limited. Most stores sell first-class and forever stamps in booklet format. Specialty stamps are not typically available.

Can I buy a single stamp at Pick N Save?

Pick N Save usually only sells full booklets of stamps containing 20 stamps each. Some stores may be willing to sell individual stamps at their discretion if requested at checkout.

Are stamps cheaper at Pick N Save or the Post Office?

Stamp prices per booklet tend to be slightly more expensive at Pick N Save compared to directly from the Post Office. But the convenience while grocery shopping often outweighs the small price premium for many.

Does Pick N Save sell international stamps?

No, Pick N Save does not offer international postage stamps. They only carry basic domestic letter mail stamps such as first-class and forever stamps in most locations currently.


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