Can You Use Coupons With EBT Walmart Pickup and Instacart?

Using coupons to save money on groceries is a great strategy. But what happens when you want to use grocery pickup or delivery services? Can you still take advantage of coupons and promo codes when you order online and have your groceries brought to your car or home?

The answer is yes…sometimes. While most grocery pickup and delivery services do accept coupons and promo codes, the rules can be complicated. Whether you use services like Instacart, Walmart Grocery Pickup, Kroger Clicklist, or others, you’ll need to understand which types of coupons work and which don’t.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using coupons with popular grocery pickup and delivery services so you can maximize your savings:

Using Coupons with Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery Pickup allows you to order groceries online and pick them up curbside without having to enter the store. This service is free for Walmart+ members (after a 15-day free trial), or costs $7.95 per pickup for non-members.

You CAN Use Walmart Store Coupons

Walmart’s own store coupons, Walmart promo codes, and any discounts offered directly by Walmart can be used with Grocery Pickup orders. These Walmart-backed coupons will automatically apply to your order total when you check out online.

You CANNOT Use Manufacturer’s Coupons

However, manufacturer’s coupons cannot be used with Walmart Grocery Pickup. A manufacturer’s coupon is one that comes directly from the product brand, not from Walmart itself. For example, if you have a coupon for $1 off Oreo cookies printed on the Oreo packaging, you cannot use that with Pickup.

You can identify a manufacturer’s coupon easily – it will say “Manufacturer Coupon” printed somewhere on it. So if you see those words, that coupon won’t work with online Grocery Pickup.

Why Manufacturer Coupons Don’t Work

Walmart does not accept manufacturer’s coupons for Pickup orders because the employees who grab your groceries in-store cannot physically scan paper coupons at checkout. And their systems do not allow them to manually enter in coupon codes from each brand.

What to Do With Manufacturer Coupons

If you have paper manufacturer’s coupons, here are your options:

  • Use them if you shop in-store at Walmart instead of using Pickup.
  • See if any rebate apps like Ibotta will accept a picture of the coupon.
  • Donate them so someone else can use them.

Other Savings Tips for Walmart Pickup

While you can’t use paper manufacturer coupons, here are some other ways to save on Walmart Grocery Pickup orders:

  • Look for and use any digital Walmart coupons available.
  • Pay attention to the “Rollback” deals that are marked down for all Walmart shoppers.
  • Buy Walmart’s house brand items like Great Value instead of name brands.
  • Choose Walmart+ member-only deals when available.
  • Price match using the Walmart app when you see a competitor’s lower price.

Using Coupons with Kroger Clicklist Pickup

Similar to Walmart, Kroger also offers free grocery pickup called Kroger Clicklist for orders over $35. This service allows you to shop online, choose a pickup time, and have groceries brought to your car.

You CAN Use Kroger Digital Coupons

Any coupons or promotions loaded to your Kroger Plus Card will automatically apply. You can easily clip digital coupons right in your Clicklist order online.

You CANNOT Use Paper Manufacturer Coupons

Just like with Walmart, paper manufacturer coupons from brands cannot be used with Kroger Clicklist Pickup because employees cannot physically scan them when fulfilling your order.

In-Store Coupon Use

If you really want to use a paper manufacturer coupon from Kroger, you’d have to go inside the store to checkout and have an employee scan it there. This may increase your pickup time.

Other Ways to Save

Here are some other tips for saving on Kroger Clicklist Pickup orders:

  • Use digital coupons you’ve loaded to your Kroger Plus Card.
  • Find weekly promotions in the Kroger app or sales flyer.
  • Buy Private Selection Kroger brands for lower prices.
  • Take advantage of fuel point discounts to save on gas.

Using Coupons with Target Drive Up

Target Drive Up allows you to order items online from Target and have them brought out to your car in the parking lot. This service is free for Target Circle members (free to join) or costs $5 per order for non-members.

You CAN Use Target Circle Offers

All Target Circle coupons, discounts and promotions can be applied to Drive Up orders placed on the Target app or website. You’ll save on your entire purchase instantly.

You CANNOT Stack Manufacturer Coupons

Unfortunately, you cannot stack or use paper manufacturer coupons on top of Target Circle offers when using Drive Up. The service does not accommodate employees scanning additional paper coupons at curbside pickup.

Use Coupons In-Store Instead

To make the most of Target coupons, use paper manufacturer coupons when you shop in-store. Just make sure to scan your Target Circle app at checkout so your discounts also apply.

Other Savings Tips

Here are some extra ways to maximize savings on Target Drive Up orders:

  • Shop Target sales, deals and clearance using the app.
  • Use Target RedCard for an extra 5% off.
  • Buy Target-owned brands like Good & Gather for lower prices.
  • Get 5% off your entire Drive Up order when you pay with Target RedCard.

Using Coupons with Amazon Grocery Delivery

Amazon offers free 2-hour grocery delivery for Prime members in select areas on orders over $35. Prime members also get access to exclusive discounts.

You CANNOT Use Manufacturer Coupons

No paper coupons can be used at all with Amazon since there is no in-store checkout process. You also cannot enter manufacturer coupon codes during online checkout.

You CAN Use Amazon Coupons

But Prime members can take advantage of exclusive Amazon coupons and Alexa shopping promotions. Search for coupons by brand name, category or other deal types when shopping on Amazon.

Other Ways to Save

Beyond Amazon coupons, here are some other tricks for saving on Prime grocery delivery:

  • Clip digital Whole Foods coupons in the Amazon app.
  • Buy Amazon private label brands like Solimo.
  • Use Prime member-only discounts.
  • Checkout add-on items that ship free with another purchase.

Using Coupons with Instacart Grocery Delivery

Instacart partners with local stores near you to deliver groceries in as little as 1 hour. Delivery fees start at $3.99 for same-day orders over $35.

You CAN Use Manufacturer Digital Coupons

Instacart allows you to apply digital manufacturer’s coupons to your order. Click on coupon boxes below items when shopping online to save instantly.

You CANNOT Stack Paper Coupons

However, Instacart shoppers cannot manually enter or scan paper coupons when picking and delivering your order. So paper coupons cannot be stacked on top of your digital discounts.

Look for Store Sales

Check for additional store sales, weekly promotions and loyalty discounts from the retailer you are ordering from via Instacart. For example, use your Kroger Plus Card with Instacart at Kroger.

Other Tips for Saving

Maximize your savings on Instacart by also trying these tricks:

  • Get free delivery when you spend over $35.
  • Sign up for Express membership for free delivery on orders over $35.
  • Use the Pickup option to avoid some fees.
  • Split orders to potentially get more free deliveries.

People Also Ask

Can you use paper coupons for Walmart delivery?

No, paper manufacturer coupons cannot be used with Walmart delivery orders, just like with Walmart pickup. The delivery driver cannot scan or enter paper coupons when dropping off groceries. You can only use Walmart digital coupons and promo codes.

Do Instacart coupons work with pickup?

Yes, any digital coupons on Instacart can be used with pickup orders. However, paper manufacturer coupons still cannot be applied by store employees to Instacart pickup orders.

Does Kroger accept competitor coupons for pickup?

No, Kroger Clicklist pickup does not accept competitor store coupons, like those from Walmart or Target. You can only use Kroger digital and paper coupons with Kroger Clicklist. Competitor coupons can only be used when shopping in-store.

Can I use paper coupons with grocery delivery?

You typically cannot use paper manufacturer coupons with grocery delivery services. The drivers cannot scan or enter them when dropping off your order. Check with each individual store’s policies, but digital coupons are usually better for delivery.

Do Ibotta offers work with grocery pickup?

Yes, you can redeem Ibotta cash back offers when using grocery pickup services. Just make sure to follow any retailer-specific restrictions listed in the Ibotta app. You likely cannot stack paper manufacturer coupons.

Can I use a Walmart coupon code online?

Yes, Walmart coupon codes and promos from Walmart itself will work when ordering groceries online, including with pickup and delivery. But manufacturer paper or digital coupons cannot be used.

Do coupons expire if I schedule pickup in advance?

Yes, your coupons and promo codes must still be valid on the day you actually pick up the groceries, not when you place the order. So don’t schedule too far in advance if your coupons have expiring dates.


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