When Will Flipper Zero Restock?

The Flipper Zero, a popular pentesting and hacking multi-tool, has been in extremely high demand since its release. Constantly selling out in minutes whenever new stock appears, many are eagerly awaiting the next Flipper Zero restock so they can finally get their hands on this versatile device.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the upcoming Flipper Zero restock, including when it’s happening, where to buy, and tips to increase your chances of snagging one of these elusive devices.

Overview of the Flipper Zero

Before jumping into the details on restocking, let’s do a quick rundown of what exactly the Flipper Zero is and why it’s in such high demand.

The Flipper Zero is a pocket-sized pentesting tool developed by a company originally based in Russia. Shaped like a cute little dolphin, this device packs some serious capabilities into a gadget smaller than a smartphone.

It functions as a universal remotes, allowing you to control devices that use infrared, Bluetooth, NFC, and wireless frequencies. It can emulate RFID access cards, store and replay Wiegand codes for building access, and capture and replay radio frequencies from items like wireless keyboards.

The onboard BadUSB functionality allows it to spoof different types of USB devices for pentesting. It also has tools for network analysis, extracting data from embedded systems, and general reconnaissance.

While novice users can explore the Flipper’s capabilities in a safe sandbox, the open-source firmware makes it extremely versatile for pentesters. There’s even a mobile app that allows remote control and scripting.

Given its tiny size yet expansive feature set, it’s easy to see why the Flipper Zero has skyrocketed in popularity. Demand vastly exceeds supply, making every restock an exciting opportunity for buyers hoping to get their hands on this powerful multi-tool.

Flipper Zero Restock Date and Time

The burning question is: when is the next Flipper Zero restock? Based on the latest reports, the upcoming restock is happening very soon.

The Flipper Zero is restocking on Saturday, this month at 12:00pm CST.

This restock comes just about two weeks after the last major restock event on August 26. The company has settled into a pattern of restocking approximately every 2 weeks to meet demand.

As with previous restocks, the window of availability is likely to be extremely limited, perhaps only 10-20 minutes. Stock sells out lightning-fast, so you’ll need to act immediately at the precise restock time if you hope to snag one.

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Where to Buy the Flipper Zero on Restock

The Flipper Zero is primarily sold through the official website FlipperZero.One. This is where all the restock action takes place.

However, there are some alternative authorized retailers to check as well:

  • SparkFun – US electronics retailer
  • Pimax – Authorized reseller in UK/EU
  • Seeed Studio – Electronics components shop, has limited quantity

The stock numbers at these 3rd party retailers tends to be very minimal compared to the main site. But during a restock event it can be worth checking them quickly to see if you get lucky.

Tips to Buy the Flipper Zero on Restock

Trying to buy a Flipper Zero on restock day can feel like a competitive sport given how quickly stock evaporates. Here are some tips to help improve your chances of finally grabbing this popular multi-tool.

1. Create an Account in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute – go ahead and create an account on FlipperZero.One now if you don’t already have one. This will save you precious seconds during checkout.

Make sure to enter your shipping and billing info as well. Log in ahead of time and make sure your payment details are saved to expedite checkout.

2. Use a Computer Not Mobile

Trying to buy on your phone most likely won’t cut it due to the extra load time. Restock day is when you’ll want to be sitting at your computer ready to go.

Make sure to use an up-to-date modern browser like Chrome or Firefox. Stay logged into your Flipper account so you can check out faster.

3. Be Ready Right at Restock Time

Mark your calendar and be sitting at your computer a few minutes before the 12:00pm CST restock time. Refresh your browser right at 12:00pm to get your order in as early as possible.

Consider having both the main store site and a 3rd party retailer like SparkFun open in separate tabs. If one sells out fast you can quickly switch to the other.

4. Only Buy What You Need

Don’t go crazy and try to buy multiple Flipper Zero units during restock unless you absolutely need them. This causes stock to sell out even faster.

Stick to just buying 1 or 2 max. Leave some for all the other excited customers dying to get their first Flipper.

5. Persistence Pays Off

If you happen to miss out on a restock, don’t despair. Keep trying – persistence eventually pays off. The more restocks you participate in, the better your chances of success.

Many buyers report it took 3 or 4 tries before they were finally able to purchase a Flipper Zero. Stay positive and keep coming back!

Availability Outside of Restocks

While scheduled restocks are the main opportunity to purchase a Flipper Zero, you do have some chances outside of those times as well:

  • Watch for unannounced “flash restocks” that randomly occur
  • Check authorized resellers periodically for surprise inventory drops
  • Join the mailing list for early restock notifications
  • Follow restock trackers on social media for real-time notifications

Activity tends to spike leading up to a scheduled restock date. But there are enough sporadic surprises that it pays to keep an eye out at all times.

Risks of Buying From Unauthorized Sellers

With Flipper Zero in such short supply, you may be tempted to purchase from unofficial 3rd party sellers. This comes with substantial risk, including:

  • Receiving a fake or altered device
  • No warranty or customer support
  • Potential credit card/identity theft
  • Paying inflated scalper pricing

Buying directly from the official store or authorized partners when stock is available remains the safest option. While the wait can be frustrating, it’s worth it avoid the risks of gray market resellers.

Expanding Availability in the Future

The makers of Flipper Zero have acknowledged the supply challenges and are actively working to increase production. Their goal is to expand into additional sales regions as manufacturing capacity grows.

Until manufacturing can catch up with the surging demand, restocks will likely continue to happen every 2 weeks or so. Inventory sells out extremely fast, but perseverance and prep work will pay off eventually.

Stay tuned for the next restock event coming up on Saturday, this month at 12:00pm CST. Create your buying plan, mark your calendar, and get ready to move fast. The Flipper Zero is absolutely worth the effort for such a versatile and powerful pocket-sized pentesting tool.

People Also Ask

Is a Flipper Zero illegal?

Despite its hacking capabilities, the Flipper Zero itself is not illegal to own or sell in most regions. However, improperly using it to illegally access systems or devices you do not own would be considered unethical hacking and likely illegal.

Can I buy a Flipper Zero in the USA?

Yes, Flipper Zero ships directly to the USA. As of September 2023 there are no import restrictions and you do not need any special documents. Simply order on FlipperZero.One during a restock event to buy and receive delivery in the US.

What can you actually do with a Flipper Zero?

A Flipper Zero allows you to capture and replay RF signals, emulate RFID cards, control devices via infrared and wireless, perform BadUSB attacks, analyze networks, hack embedded systems, and much more. Its small size packs in an impressive array of pentesting and hacking capabilities.

Is Flipper Zero actually worth it?

For pentesters, hackers, IT professionals, and security researchers, the Flipper Zero is highly versatile for the price point under $170. If you have no need for these types of tools, the Flipper Zero may not be worth it for you as a regular consumer.

Is the Flipper Zero a card skimmer?

No, Flipper Zero does not skim payment card data. While it can read some RFID card information, it does not secretly steal or store live credit/debit card data. However, BADUSB capabilities could allow it to act like a skimmer when plugged into a POS system.

Is Flipper Zero banned on Amazon?

Yes, as of April 2022 Amazon has banned sales of the Flipper Zero. While not directly illegal, Amazon policy prohibits devices that could potentially be used to skim card data, leading to the Flipper Zero ban.

Is Flipper Zero a Russian company?

Flipper Zero was originally founded in Russia but as of 2022 is no longer based there. The company relocated out of Russia early in the Ukraine conflict and is not headquartered or operated from Russia.

Why are Flipper Zero sold out?

Extremely high demand combined with supply chain constraints has made the Flipper Zero constantly sold out. New inventory batches sell out within minutes. Until manufacturing capacity expands significantly, limited supply and instant sellouts are expected to persist.

How expensive is Flipper Zero?

Direct from the Flipper Zero website, the device costs $169. This is the standard retail price when bought during restocks. Scalpers and unofficial sellers often charge higher inflated prices due to scarcity.

Can Flipper Zero turn off cameras?

The Flipper Zero cannot directly interact with or turn off most modern IP cameras. As these cameras do not use IR or wireless frequencies, the Flipper lacks the ability to communicate with them to disable video streaming.

Can Flipper Zero hack cars?

The Flipper Zero has limited ability to interact with modern car systems. While it can potentially capture and replay some wireless key fob signals, most modern vehicles use rolling codes that prevent key duplication. Be cautious of overstating hacking claims.

Can Flipper Zero open doors?

Yes, the Flipper Zero can open electronic locks on doors and gates by capturing and replaying RF signals, or emulating RFID access cards. However, most modern access systems have protections against these types of attacks. Use ethically on systems you own or have permission to test.


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