When Will Enfamil Restock?

Enfamil Formula Shortages and Restocking

Enfamil baby formula has been in short supply recently, leaving many parents wondering when Enfamil will be back in stock and available for purchase again. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in the supply chain, resulting in formula shortages across the country. Major brands like Enfamil have been impacted, with both online and in-store supplies running low.

Enfamil manufacturer Reckitt has stated they are working to increase production to meet the high demand. But when exactly will Enfamil formula be restocked? Here is what parents need to know about when Enfamil is expected to restock store shelves and online:

Monitoring Formula Stock Online

The best way to stay up to date on Enfamil restocks is to monitor online inventories of major retailers that sell baby formula. Large retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target will typically update their websites when they receive new stock of popular Enfamil products like Enfamil Enspire and Enfamil NeuroPro. Checking back often can help catch restocks in real time.

Enfamil Restock Timeframes

Based on recent patterns, Enfamil formula has been restocking at most major retailers every 2 to 4 weeks. However, each store receives varying amounts of inventory. When a restock does occur, the most popular formulas often sell out fast. Being vigilant about checking online listings is key.

In-Store Restocks

To find Enfamil stock in brick-and-mortar stores, call ahead to ask when their next infant formula delivery is scheduled. Most stores restock on a weekly basis, but days and amounts can vary. Asking the baby aisle staff when they expect the next Enfamil shipment can provide insights on the best times to visit to find newly stocked cans.

Sign Up for Restock Alerts

Many retailers offer restock notification services that can alert you via email or text when infant formula you select comes back in stock online. Signing up for in-stock alerts for Enfamil products can help you get a jump start on ordering when inventory returns.

Why Has Enfamil Been Out of Stock?

Shortages of Enfamil and other top baby formulas have been widespread due to pandemic-related disruptions in production and the supply chain. Key factors leading to the shortages include:

  • Increased demand – Birth rates rose during the pandemic, increasing demand for formula.
  • Supply chain issues – Sourcing formula ingredients and packaging has been challenging amid global shipping delays.
  • Labor shortages – Formula makers have had difficulty staffing production lines.
  • Recall – A major recall of Similac products in February 2022 exacerbated shortages.

These issues combined have made it hard for formula makers like Enfamil to keep up, resulting in low stock across retailers. While Reckitt is working to ramp up production, occasional shortages may persist until supply chain and labor challenges fully stabilize.

Is Enfamil AR Formula Being Discontinued?

Some parents have found it especially difficult to locate cans of Enfamil AR, a common gentle formula for babies with reflux and gas issues. This has raised questions about whether Enfamil AR is being discontinued.

According to Enfamil, they have no plans to discontinue the product. Empty shelves are simply due to AR being one of their most sought-after formulas amid the broader industry-wide shortages. Once production expands, Enfamil states that AR will continue being made and restocked as normal.

How Long Can You Use Enfamil Formula After Opening?

Once you get your hands on some Enfamil formula, proper storage after opening is crucial to ensure your baby gets the full nutritional benefits. So how long does Enfamil formula last once opened?

Opened Enfamil Powder

Enfamil recommends using powder formula within one month after opening the container. Keep bags and cans of opened powder tightly sealed and store in a cool, dry place to maximize freshness.

Prepared Formula

Prepared Enfamil bottles should be used within 24 hours when refrigerated. Discard any formula left in bottles after a feeding instead of trying to save it. Only make enough formula for one feeding at a time.

Traveling with Opened Enfamil

When transporting prepared Enfamil bottles or taking opened containers of powder, it’s best to use within a 2 hour window. Keep temperature regulated in a cooler or insulated bottle bag. Only make what you anticipate your baby eating to avoid waste.

Watching for Expiration Dates

Always check expiration or “use by” dates on Enfamil cans and discard any past that date even if unopened. Formula can lose nutrients and turn rancid if used past expiration.

Signs Enfamil Has Spoiled

Clumping, off-colors, separation, and sour odors can all be signs opened Enfamil powder has gone bad. Prepared bottles may smell or taste sour. When in doubt, discard and make a fresh bottle.

Key Takeaways on Enfamil Availability and Storage

  • Check online stores regularly to catch Enfamil restocks.
  • Sign up for restock alerts to be notified immediately.
  • Call stores for restock timeframes and ask staff when stocking.
  • Shortages are due to COVID-related demand surges and supply issues.
  • Enfamil AR has not been discontinued, just hard to find currently.
  • Use opened powder within 1 month and prepared formula within 1 day.
  • Watch for clumping, sour smells, etc. to avoid spoiled formula.

People Also Ask

Where can I buy Enfamil formula right now?

Some of the best places to find Enfamil stock currently are mass retailers like Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Costco. Check their websites frequently for restocks and sign up for alerts. Calling local stores directly may also reveal inventory.

Is it okay to use expired Enfamil formula?

No, you should never use Enfamil formula past the expiration or “use by” date printed on the packaging. After the date, formula can lose key nutrients and become unsafe for infants. Always check dates and discard any expired cans.

Can I freeze extra prepared Enfamil bottles?

Enfamil does not recommend freezing bottles of prepared infant formula. The freezing process can cause separation, concentrate, and damage nutrients. Freshly make each bottle as needed instead of freezing extras.

How do I get coupons for Enfamil formula?

You can request free samples and coupons directly from Enfamil’s website. Retailers like Target, Walmart, and CVS also often include Enfamil coupons in their weekly sales circulars. Check online parenting forums for tips on finding deals.

Is it safe to buy Enfamil from Amazon and other retailers?

Purchasing directly from reputable major retailers is generally safe. To be extra certain, inspect packaging closely for any damage, details on storage handling, and verify expiration dates when receiving orders.


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