When Does White Fox Restock?

White Fox Boutique is a popular Australian online fast fashion brand known for its trendy and stylish clothing and accessories. The brand quickly gains attention when new items are launched, often selling out in just hours or days. This leaves many fans wondering when items will be restocked. Here is a guide to White Fox restocks and other key information about this fashion label.

Restock Timelines Vary by Item

There is no set timeline for when White Fox restocks items. It depends on the specific item. Some pieces, like popular tops and t-shirts, may restock weekly or every couple of weeks. More limited items like certain dresses or jackets can take over a month to come back in stock.

The White Fox Instagram account sometimes provides restock estimates when asked. You can also sign up for email notifications on specific product pages to get alerts when those items are restocked.

Factors That Impact Restocks

Several factors determine when White Fox is able to restock an item, including:

  • Production time – Making new batches of clothing takes time, especially when producing overseas.
  • Material availability – If certain fabrics or materials are not available, production may be delayed.
  • Seasonality – White Fox introduces new seasonal collections, so past season items may not restock.
  • Demand – Very popular items in high demand may restock more frequently.
  • Returns – Returned items create stock for restocks.

Tips for Snagging Restocked Items

Here are some tips to help you shop White Fox restocks when desired items come back in stock:

  • Sign up for email/text notifications on the product page – This alerts you as soon as the item is available.
  • Follow White Fox on Instagram – They often announce upcoming restocks.
  • Check the site regularly – Restocked inventory can sell out quickly so check back often.
  • Know the launch times – Items usually launch at 10am AEST. Be ready right at launch to get the best selection.
  • Save payment info – Speed through checkout by having your info saved in your account.
  • Act fast – Have a game plan for ordering your size as soon as possible when the items launch.

Shipping Timelines

Shipping times from White Fox can take longer than expected right now due to high order volumes. The brand asks for additional business days for orders to be dispatched. The team is working to get orders processed as quickly as possible, but items are taking longer to get out the door during busy periods.

White Fox’s Reputation

White Fox has faced some backlash over the originality of their designs. Some social media users have accused the brand of selling items very similar to designs from other brands like Mr Winston, Dion Lee, and Miaou. This has sparked debates about White Fox possibly copying other brands’ designs.

However, White Fox asserts that all their items are exclusively designed in Australia. The brand does not directly address copycat claims. They continue to launch new collections featuring the latest popular styles and trends.

About White Fox

White Fox Boutique was founded in 2013 by partners Georgia Moore and Daniel Contos. The Sydney-based online retailer quickly gained fame for its fashionable, Instagram-worthy styles marketed using influencer campaigns. They have partnered with influencers like Sarah’s Day and Shani Grimmond.

The brand caters to trendy young women looking for going-out clothes, basics, athleisure, and swimwear. Their mission is to inspire confidence in women globally.

White Fox is exclusively an online store, they do not have any brick-and-mortar shops. All items are designed in-house in Australia before production overseas.

The Bottom Line

White Fox restocks vary based on item, availability, and demand. Use notifications and check regularly to snag coveted pieces. Know White Fox can take longer to ship during busy periods. And appreciate that while the origins of some designs are debatable, White Fox ultimately offers stylish and affordable fashion to customers worldwide.

People Also Ask

How Often Does White Fox Restock?

White Fox restock frequency depends on the item. Some very popular pieces may restock weekly, while other items can take over a month to come back in stock. Sign up for restock notifications on the product pages you are interested in.

Is White Fox Good Quality?

White Fox provides decent quality clothing for the low price point. Their fabrics, construction and durability meet expectations for the fast fashion category. Reviews generally indicate satisfaction with the quality and fit.

Where is White Fox Located?

White Fox Boutique is based in Sydney, Australia. The actual clothing production takes place overseas. But design and operations for the online company are all run out of Sydney.

What Size is White Fox True to?

White Fox sizes often run true to size, however it is best to reference the specific size chart for each item. Sizing can vary across the different styles and pieces the brand offers.

Does White Fox Ship Worldwide?

Yes, White Fox offers international shipping to most countries worldwide. Shipping timeframes and rates will vary based on your location. Duties and taxes may apply for orders shipped internationally.

Is White Fox Brand Expensive?

No, White Fox prices are very affordable, especially compared to other fashion brands. Their low price point for trendy items is part of the appeal. White Fox offers fast fashion at budget-friendly prices.


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