When Does Stussy Restock?

Stussy is a popular streetwear brand known for its laidback California style. Many hardcore fans eagerly await restocks of sold-out Stussy items. So when does Stussy restock their website and stores?

Stussy typically restocks new items every Friday at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1:00 PM Eastern Time). The Stussy website starts refreshing around 12:58 PM PT, gearing up for the new product drop. If it’s a highly anticipated item, popular sizes like L, XL, and XXL often sell out in under 10 minutes.

Stussy sends out email updates around 1:05 PM PT on Fridays to notify customers about that week’s new arrivals. But by then, the most coveted pieces are usually long gone. Resellers often buy up the stock in bulk to resell on sites like Grailed at inflated prices.

Monitoring the Stussy Website for Restocks

The Stussy website not only stocks new items on Fridays – they also periodically restock sold-out favorites. Eager fans have learned to constantly monitor the site for returned or leftover stock. According to users on Reddit and other forums:

  • The Stussy site starts restocking sold-out items around 12:58 PM PT on Fridays, right before the new product drop.
  • Often it’s just small or large sizes that are restocked, not the ever-popular M, L, XL.
  • Basic logo hoodies and tees now sell out quickly, even on restock. Stussy’s popularity has skyrocketed lately.
  • Restocks sometimes happen midweek too, so check daily to be safe.

Increased Demand for Stussy Streetwear

In the past, Stussy’s casual basics like logo hoodies and tees were easy to purchase and rarely sold out. But in 2022-2023, demand for Stussy streetwear has absolutely exploded. Items that once lingered on the website for months now disappear in minutes.

Fans speculate that viral TikTok hype and cosigns from celebrities like Kanye West have introduced Stussy to a new generation. Combine that with supply chain issues, and restocks can’t keep up with demand.

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Tips for Snagging Stussy Restocks

Here are some tips from Stussy fans on how to successfully purchase restocked items:

  • Check the website daily if waiting for a specific item to restock.
  • Follow Stussy on Instagram or Twitter for restock announcements.
  • Be ready at 12:58 PM PT on Fridays to start refreshing.
  • Have an account set up with info and payment details saved for faster checkout.
  • Aim for less popular sizes like XS/S or XXL/XXXL which sell out slower.
  • If you miss out, check sites like Grailed and eBay for resellers.

With some persistence and luck, dedicated Stussy fans can eventually score their coveted restocked pieces. But act fast once items are available, or you’ll likely have to pay resale!

People Also Ask

What time does Stussy restock?

Stussy typically restocks new arrivals every Friday at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1:00 PM Eastern). Restocks of sold-out items also tend to happen around this time.

What days does Stussy restock?

The primary Stussy restock day is Friday. However, restocks can occasionally happen midweek too.

How often does Stussy restock a week?

Stussy restocks new items weekly, every Friday. For restocking sold-out favorites, the frequency can vary from weekly to monthly.

Does Stussy restock sold out items?

Yes, Stussy periodically restocks sold-out items, but there’s no set schedule. Quantities are often limited to returns or leftover stock.

What happens to unsold Stussy stock?

Excess Stussy stock is sometimes sold to employees or donated. Leftover items also periodically restock in limited quantities on the website.

How do I buy Stussy online?

The main way to purchase Stussy online is through the brand’s official web store at stussy.com. Be ready to checkout fast when restocks occur on Friday mornings.

Is Stussy fast fashion?

No, Stussy is not considered fast fashion. It releases limited collections a few times per year rather than constantly pumping out new designs weekly.

Why is Stussy so hyped?

Stussy’s laidback streetwear style has come back in vogue thanks to vintage trends and celebrity/influencer co-signs. But limited supply and high demand are also fueling hype.

Is Stussy luxury brand?

Stussy started out as an affordable skate/surf brand. But these days it occupies a premium streetwear niche, with higher prices but not true luxury status.


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