When Does Peachybbies Restock

Peachybbies restocks each Friday evening between 6 PM and 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. This is the main weekly restock time to mark on your calendar.

Unless otherwise announced, you can expect new slime stock to be added to the online shop during this Friday window.

The specific restock time on Friday may vary slightly between 6 and 7 PM EST based on when new slime batches are ready for launch. Be sure to check the Peachybbies Instagram account @peachybbies for restock announcements confirming the exact time. Sometimes special midweek restocks may occur too.

What Gets Restocked?

The Friday Peachybbies restock adds fresh batches of popular staple slimes as well as brand new limited edition slimes.

For example, fan favorites like Mochi, Cry Baby, and Cloud Slime are typically restocked each week in different scents and colors. Meanwhile, new innovative textures and effects are introduced.

Keep an eye out for announcements about new slime releases dropping at the weekly restock. These limited batches sell out very quickly. Peachybbies highlights sneak peeks of new slimes on its Instagram story in the days leading up to restock.

Restock Sell Out Times

Given the hype around Peachybbies slime, the most popular varieties inevitably sell out fast. Certain slimes may sell out in under a minute, while less popular options last 5-10 minutes typically. Limited edition releases tend to go the fastest.

Set up accounts and payment options ahead of time so you can snap up slimes right at restock time before they disappear from your cart. Having iOS and Android devices ready provides extra chances to get those coveted new slimes.

Restock Shop Processing Time

Expect some processing time as the Peachybbies shop updates with the new inventory at restock time. Pages may load slowly and items may take a moment to fully populate in the store. Give it a few minutes for the shop to fully refresh.

Keep refreshing and re-adding slimes to your cart during the restock window until you can successfully check out. Persistence and speed are key to snagging your top choices.

Alternatives When Slimes Sell Out

If you miss out on that super popular slime, don’t worry too much. Peachybbies restocks it again the next Friday or introduces new must-have slimes each week. You can also try similar top slime shops like Slime Sweetpea for comparable products.

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Join the Peachybbies Restock Notification Squad

Make sure to follow @peachybbies on Instagram and turn on notifications so you never miss a restock announcement.

Peachybbies also emails subscribers about upcoming restocks if you sign up for alerts through the website. Join the restock squad to get the inside scoop.

You can also join Peachybbies Facebook groups to chat with other fans about the latest restock finds. Experienced Peachybbies shoppers will happily share tips and tricks for restock success.

Set a Restock Game Plan

Come up with a strategy in advance for the items you most want each week and how to tackle the restock efficiently. Make a restock wishlist on the Peachybbies website to save your top slime picks.

When restock time comes on Friday, pull up the wishlist on your main device and the full Peachybbies shop on a second device. Refresh constantly and use keyboard shortcuts to speed through checkout.

With some dedication and the right techniques, you can master the Peachybbies restock to get your dream slimes in your cart and hands each week!

People Also Ask

How long does it take peachybbies to restock?

Peachybbies restocks every Friday evening between 6 PM and 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. The restock window when new slime batches are added can last around one hour.

How old is the owner of Peachybbies?

Peachybbies was founded by Andrea O., who was 25 years old as of 2022. She launched the Austin, Texas based slime company when she was around 21 after starting to make and sell slime products in 2017.

Who owns peachybbies slime shop?

Peachybbies is owned and operated by founder Andrea O. She runs the growing slime business out of Austin along with a team of around 20 employees as of 2021 when Peachybbies sold over 110,000 slime units.

What country is Peachybbies from?

Peachybbies was started in and is still based out of Austin, Texas in the United States. Founder Andrea O. runs the company out of Texas where she concocts new slime designs and flavors using custom crafted scents.

What slime is similar to Peachybbies?

Slime Sweetpea is a comparable slime shop to Peachybbies with innovative textures and scents. Their slimes range from $10 – $17 which is price wise very similar to Peachybbies. Other top slimes like Slime Obsessed also offer comparable products.

What activator does Peachybbies use?

Peachybbies uses borax as the slime activator in their products. The activator pen included with Peachybbies slime orders contains a borax and water solution. Simply spray it and stir to reduce stickiness if slimes are too sticky upon arrival.


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