When Does PacSun Restock?

PacSun is a popular retailer known for its trendy selection of casual clothing, shoes, and accessories. However, figuring out PacSun’s restock schedule can be tricky since it varies for online inventory versus in-store inventory. Here is a detailed look at when you can expect PacSun to restock online and in stores in 2023.

Online Restock Schedule

Unfortunately, PacSun does not regularly restock most items online after they initially sell out. The exceptions are denim and basics. Here are the key details on PacSun’s online restock schedule:

  • Denim – New denim styles and seasonal colors are restocked online regularly throughout each season. Core basics like jeans and joggers in standard washes tend to remain stocked year-round.
  • Basics – Simple tops, tees, and other basics are replenished online frequently.
  • Seasonal collectionsCollaborations, limited-edition lines, and seasonal fashion pieces are not typically restocked online once sold out. This includes popular collections like Fear of God Essentials, Kendall + Kylie, John Galt, and any special capsule lines.

So in summary, denim and basic staples are restocked online regularly, but limited collabs and seasonal fashion items are usually not restocked once they sell out. The exception would be if the demand for an item was so high that PacSun decided to do an additional small production run to restock a limited item. But this doesn’t happen often.

In-Store Restock Schedule

The good news is that even when an item sells out online, you still have a chance of finding it in PacSun stores. New inventory arrives in stores up to twice per week, so selection is constantly changing.

Here are some tips for finding sold-out items in PacSun stores:

  • Check the inventory locator on PacSun.com – This allows you to see which nearby stores may have an item in stock before making the trip.
  • Ask associates when they expect the next shipment – Associates often have visibility into upcoming inventory deliveries and can advise you on the best days to come back.
  • Visit frequently – With new stock coming in up to twice a week, checking back often gives you the best chance to find coveted and sold-out items.
  • Ask associates to check in the stock room – Sometimes newly received inventory hasn’t had a chance to make it out to the sales floor yet, so it pays to ask!

Restock dates and times vary by location, but shipments typically arrive Monday through Friday during store operating hours. Weekday mornings right after opening tend to be the best time to shop for newly stocked items before quantities become limited again. Lines sometimes even form outside stores on big delivery days when shoppers are hoping to score restocked merchandise.

Tips for Scoring Restocked Items

Here are some top tips for maximizing your chances of purchasing hard-to-find items upon restock at PacSun:

  • Sign up for restock notifications online – These will alert you as soon as limited items are replenished so you can purchase before they sell out again.
  • Follow PacSun on social media – PacSun often announces restocks via Instagram Stories and other social channels first.
  • Join rewards programs – PacSun ELEVXS members get early access to some restocks before the general public.
  • Shop on release day online or get to stores early – Popular releases like Fear of God Essentials and Kendall + Kylie capsules often sell out the same day.
  • Ask associates to hold or call items from other locations – They may be willing to transfer stock from another store if you’ve had your eye on a specific sold-out piece.

Setting in-stock alerts, following on social media, and frequenting your local stores are key to increasing your chances of purchasing popular items upon restock. PacSun limits quantities on limited-edition items, so getting there early is also important.

PacSun Restock Frequency By Product Type

Some categories and brands have more frequent and predictable restock schedules than others at PacSun. Here is an overview of typical restock frequency by product type:

  • Denim – Restocked weekly to monthly online and in stores
  • Basics (tees, sweatshirts, hats) – Restocked weekly online and in stores
  • Activewear – Restocked weekly to monthly in stores, limited online restocks
  • John Galt – New collections monthly in stores, very limited online restocks
  • Fear of God Essentials – Capsule collections launch seasonally, no reorders once sold out
  • Kendall + Kylie – Capsule lines launch a few times per year with no routine restocks
  • Brandy Melville – New seasonal deliveries each month, limited restocks of bestsellers

As you can see, basic staples have the most regular and predictable restock cadence. But limited collabs and third-party brand partnerships occur seasonally or a set number of times per year, making restocks very sporadic.

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Restock Frequency During Sales and Holidays

During major sales events and holidays, restock frequency increases across categories to meet higher demand. Here is an overview of what to expect during peak retail seasons:

  • Black Friday – All categories see expanded restocks starting in October, with a focus on giftable items and doorbusters.
  • Holiday – Deeper restocks on basics, accessories, activewear, denim; limited restocks on seasonal items.
  • After-Christmas – Clearance restocks online and in stores with a focus on winter seasonal items and holiday gifts.
  • Back-to-school – Ramp up of denim, activewear, backpacks, basics from July through September.

Around peak sales holidays like Black Friday, PacSun caters its restock strategy towards anticipated best-sellers and replenishes the most popular categories more heavily. This is the best time of year to purchase hard-to-find basics and staple items after they initially sold out.

People Also Ask

When does PacSun restock online in 2023?

PacSun restocks basics like denim, tees, and sweatshirts online regularly throughout the year. Limited collabs and seasonal items are typically not restocked online once sold out. Sign up for restock alerts on specific products you’re looking for to get notified of any online replenishments.

When does PacSun restock Fear of God Essentials?

Fear of God Essentials capsules launch just a few times per year during key seasonal collections. Once the pieces sell out online and in stores, they are usually not restocked. Your best chance is to shop the collections immediately on release day before items sell out.

When does PacSun restock jeans online?

PacSun restocks their most popular denim jeans and joggers online frequently throughout the year. New seasonal styles and washes are replenished weekly to monthly. Sign up for restock alerts on sold-out pairs you’re looking for to get notified of restocks.

When will PacSun restock Kendall + Kylie collections?

As a limited collaboration line, restocks for Kendall + Kylie at PacSun only occur a handful of times per year timed around new seasonal capsule releases. They usually do not reorder sold-out items from previous collections once they have sold through.

What days do PacSun restocks arrive in stores?

Shipments arrive at PacSun stores up to twice per week, typically on weekdays during normal store hours. Weekday mornings, especially early after opening, tend to be the best times to shop for newly stocked items before quantities become limited again.


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