Stamped Concrete Patterns and Colors

Stamped concrete patterns are the perfect way to create a more realistic-looking texture on your patio, driveway or any other surface. These stamped designs can give you that worn brick look with ease and will cost less than installing real cobblestone!

Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete Patterns:


  • Increase value of your home and make it good looking
  • Easy to buy compare to natural stones and pavers
  • Wide range of colors and pattern available
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain when sealed
  • Provide resistance (unslippable)


  • Cannot be easily Repaired
  • Minor Crack Can be produced
  • Can be damaged at Very Low Temperatures or Freezing-Thaw Cycles
  • DIY Not Friendly
  • Regular Cleaning and Resealing Needed.

Top 13 Modern Stamped Concrete Patterns and Colors:

Patio Stamped Concrete Patterns


Wood Stamped Concrete Patterns

Wood Stamped Concrete Patterns

Stamped Concrete Brick Patterns

Stamped Concrete Brick Patterns

Driveway Stamped Concrete Patterns

Driveway Stamped Concrete Patterns

Seamless Stamped Concrete Patterns

Seamless Stamped Concrete Patterns

Italian Slate Stamped Concrete Patterns

Italian Slate Stamped Concrete Patterns

Brick Form Stamped Concrete Patterns


Slate Stamped Concrete Patterns


Stamped Concrete Wall Patterns


Stamped Concrete Paver Patterns


Roman Slate Stamped Concrete Patterns


Brick Stamped Concrete Patterns


Stamped Concrete Floor Patterns



Before you can begin stamping your pattern, you will need to prepare the concrete. The color of the stamp pad should be the same or darker than the stamped concrete.

For lighter toned stamped concrete (such as gray) use a black stamp pad .

For warmer toned stamped concrete (such as red/brown) use an orange shade .

If you are stamping a darker color (such as on a newly poured colored concrete patio) it is best to go with the lighter pad.

Stamp pads come in many different colors, so you can match your stamped concrete pattern or choose from basic colors such as black, white and gray.

The stamp pattern does not have to be perfect! You can free-form the pattern using a roller or simply allow it to relax in a random fashion.

Patterns with light and dark sections add texture and visual interest to stamped concrete, while patterns with multiple colors add variety and vibrancy.

When you see two concrete stamps that have been placed side by side, one with black concrete and the other with gray concrete.

How Much time it will Take to complete your Stamped Concrete Project ?

The pattern stamp will determine how much of your stamped concrete project you can complete in a single day. In general, it is best to choose a simple pattern as this will allow for fast completion of your project. A more complicated design may require multiple days to complete.

Sealing Process:

Once the stamped concrete has been allowed to cure, it is time for sealing. Sealing protects the stamped concrete from stains and other elements that may damage your newly stamped patio or driveway.

There are many different sealers to choose from, each with their own unique benefits and disadvantages. One popular option is an acrylic-based sealer which forms a protective skin over the concrete that will resist a variety of stains.

Another popular option is a silicon-based sealer which penetrates the surface to protect from within. Depending on your preference, you may choose to use one or the other – but be sure not to mix them!


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