Is Safeway Check Cashing Worthy ?

The history of Safeway’s check-cashing service begins in the early twentieth century, when a relatively small number of grocery stores began offering savings services as part of their main business.

Safeway Check Cashing is a service available at participating Safeway grocery stores in the United States and Canada. Customers go to the customer service desk of any such store and request to use the self-service check cashing service.

The fee charged for this service is based on the face value of the check and is typically lower than that charged by other check cashing outlets.

The Safeway Check Cashing service was first launched in 1975 as an experiment inside a Vons grocery store.

Policy of Safeway Check Cashing:

Safeway is a popular grocery store that offers cash checking services in selected stores. However, to use this service customers must follow a certain set of rules and be aware what checks are eligible for cashing at Safeway.

Customers should familiarize themselves with the current policy before they come into one of their locations so as not to get denied when trying out this great option!

Type Of Checks That Can Be Cashed At Safeway’s!

Following checks are allowed to cash in Safeway’s.

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Stimulus checks
  • Government-issued checks

In order to cash a government-issued check at Safeway, customers must have their identity verified with an ID.

Additionally, checks over $1500 are not accepted by the store due to its policy on high value payments.

Type Of Checks That Can Not Be Cashed At Safeway’s!

Below mentioned checks are not allow to cash in Safeway’s.

  • Personal checks
  • Third-party checks
  • Starter checks
  • Handwritten checks

Steps Before Cashing Checks At Safeway’s:

To cash a check at Safeway, present the endorsed check along with a valid ID.

The ID could be any government issued I.D, like driver’s license or military identification card and so on.

You’ll also have to enter your Social Security number during processing for this transaction which is not given out by employees of the store itself but instead input into some system as they do their work!

If no issues arise from these checks then customers should receive payment within minutes; however if there are problems then it can take some time before everything gets straightened out again.

Safeway’s Store Timing To Cash a Check:

Safeway’s Cashing timeOpening TimeClosing Time
 5 am9 pm

You can cash your check at any time of day or night as long as the store is open. Stores vary by location, but 9 pm tends to be a popular closing time for many retailers, so if you want access before then make sure and stop in!

Safeway Check Cashing Fees:

Safeway’s charge 1.15% fees from total amount you are going to cash.

For Example: If you are cashing a $1000 check it means you would be charged $11.25 as a fee.


Safeway is the best place to cash your government-issued checks. They accept payroll, stimulus and Cashiers Checks as well! Unfortunately, they are currently unable to cash personal or handwritten check due in part from safeguards put into place by Federal Law.

Also check can not be cashed if it exceed amount of $1500 and also you will be charged some extra amount as a fees which is approximately 1.5% from your total amount you are going to cash.


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