Best Raid Shadow Legends Copypasta Guide !

Raid shadow legends is a new game, still in beta testing. Its not even out yet but the alpha test invites are rolling out fast to people who sign up on there website or go to conventions. It’s basically another Final Fantasy Tactics style game that goes into 3d with skills and more strategy like Fire Emblem.

If you’re looking for a game to take your time away from the daily grind, RAID: Shadow Legends™️ is worth checking out. With an immersive online experience and everything that comes with it – like awesome 3D graphics, giant boss fights or PVP battles- this title has something which will suit everyone’s needs!

The developers of RAID: Shadow Legends™️ have announced that they will be hosting an upcoming Special Launch Tournament with crazy prizes, including a trip for two to exclusivity event.

Not only is this game completely free but it’s also one-of-a kind in mobile gaming as it offers such detailed graphics and immersive gameplay! So don’t wait any longer; get started today so you can compete against other players before everyone knows how good these virtual worlds really are.

You’re about to get 50,000 Silver instantly and a FREE Epic Level Champion as part of our new players program with the RAID: Shadow Legends™️ developers!

The artstyle is also very different. It has all of the elements you would expect from a game like this with some new features like elemental dungeons that give mobs special abilities based on their element, and also keep in mind not every mob will be weak to the same thing.

Also this game is very grindy, which is true for most mobile games these days but I swear when I say this game is grindy, It’s probably the most grindy mobile game I have ever played.

Every mob in this game drops something called “shards” which are basically their souls when they die. The shard colors can be blue, green, purple or yellow.

Each color represents a type of drop that the mob may drop. Blue shards are used for weapons, green is armor (there’s also a special type of armor called robotic armor), purple is enhancements and yellow is crystals which you need to make any shard usable. So basically you will be killing hundreds if not thousands of mobs until you get the right colors for your weapon or piece of armor.

To make matters worse getting the right colors may not be enough, you may need a certain number of shards or shard levels before an item can even use that color. if you check the weapons and armor pages on the wiki each one of them tells what level they require to be able to use shards.

Also just like most mobile games these days you can get a “premium currency” this one is called gems and it’s used to speed up the grinding process. But gems are extremely hard to come by if you don’t buy them, they are usually limited time events though so you would need to be at the right place at the right time.

Also like most mobile games these days there are energy mechanics that prevent you from playing too much in a certain span of time so you would need to wait for your energy to recharge.

There is also a stamina mechanic this one is a bit different. It’s usually higher than most games and it regenerates at a decent speed but the interesting thing is because the game has an elemental system. It’s possible for a dungeon to have an elemental disadvantage which would make your energy last half as long so you will have to be very careful on how much energy you use in a dungeon and also not waste any stamina.

What I’m saying is there isn’t enough content to justify the high grinding even if you accept the fact that it is a mobile game and that you need to pay money for gems.

There is also PvP which is pretty much the main part of the game right now, but there’s not enough players yet to make it fun so at most you’ll be fighting vs AI in pvp, but keep in mind you will still have to grind a lot.


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