How Long Does Stockx Take To Ship ?

Josh Luber, Dan Gilbert, Chris Kaufman, and Greg Schwartz base StockX in Detroit back in 2015-2016.

A company that is a famous marketplace of 2022 in the US was once started as an electronic products seller.

The wind changes for StockX when it shifted to clothing reseller in 2022 and gained the status of one of the fastest-thriving startups in Michigan and Detroit.

The successful engine of StockX is run by 800 employees and international offices that are located in the UK, London, Netherlands, Eindhoven, Detroit’s neighborhood.

The world is fast growing with nail-biting competition, so whenever one heard of some shopping brand his first question is, “how responsive and reliable the service is?”. If you are also wondering the same thing, that how long does StockX take to deliver its shipment? Then this article will help you in getting your answer.

How Long Does Stockx Take To Deliver?

Deliveries from a reseller is a long process as the reseller has to collect required items for the seller, ensure the product, run its checking and then process the order. So normally, StockX requires 7-12 working days to execute the shipping in the latest the year of 2022.

The working days are other than public holidays or weekends. The process is quite simple, whenever an item is ordered from somewhere by a customer, StockX undergoes with the order, connects with the respected seller, and collects the item ordered by the customer, then the product is verified.

This whole process costs StockX 7-12 working days. This time is under optimum conditions because the shipping time is very much dependent on the seller.

Nevertheless, StockX completed most of its orders on time. The StockX respond right away to the order and try to deliver them as soon as possible.

There is also a tracking option available whenever you choose to do shopping through StockX. This enables you to track your order by the dint of tracking information provided to you via email.

This is after your item passed through the verification. Sometimes the orders face delay if the company finds the need for more inspection, then this process extends to a few extra days.

Stockx Delivery Time For International Customers:

Managing international customers are equal to tying the bell in the cat’s neck so there is no official announcement from StockX promising the specific time for international deliveries.

Although, StockX is highly motivated to complete the process and send away the item for shipment as soon as possible. The international delivery usually takes 10-15 business days.

This period is also dependent upon the place you are from. The delivery time varies if you live near and vice versa.

Despite the location, the data of reviews from international customers suggests that for some customers the delivery took 10 days to reach while for some customers the delivery reached them in 15 days.

For the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, the StockX takes not more than 4-6 working days.

If you compare the StockX timing of delivery with other competitors in the marketplace, like that of Shein Shipping time, Goat Shipping time, Fashion Nova Shipping time, the time is taken by these brands for international delivery is almost the same as that of StockX.

However, due to the extra consciousness of StockX about verification, coordinating with sellers, and assurance, it may take a little longer than other marketplace online.

How Long Does Stockx Take To Authenticate?

The authentication process takes 1-2 working days. Whenever a customer places an order, the StockX receives it in less than 10-20 hours.

Then the respected item is searched and collected from the warehouse or shelf. Then these items are authenticated and prepared for shipment. An additional time can also be expected due to different reasons.

After the authentication process, the shipment waits for none and gets ready for delivery right away. After the authentication process ended, then the shipment takes 5-8 business days to reach the hands of customers.

Whenever you order the shoes from StockX, expect the process to be completed in 7-12 working days. The shipment is still dependable on the seller, but most of the customers claim to get their delivery in 7-12 working days. It all depends upon where is your location and how responsive is the seller.

StockX Shipping Process:

If you are a seller and intended to sell your item via StockX then an email of confirmation will be sent that includes the shipping deadline.

This mail will be sent once your item passes the verification by StockX successfully, then the transaction will be marked as completed.

A deadline will also be associated with the printing of the shipping label. After getting past it, you will have to pack your product and dispatch it via UPS.

The newly released streetwear and sneakers have three working days for shipping while the supreme designs are backed with five working days.

More days are associated with supreme products due to differences like shipping. The other sneakers that are put on sale after their release day or weekends have been given two working days for shipment.

Does StockX Ship On Weekends/ Holiday?

The StockX has the policy of no shipment on holidays and weekends. Weekends and holidays are omitted from the business days of StockX. However, Friday and Saturday are open for shipping in StockX.

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Can You Return on StockX?

StockX has a very lenient policy for returning and exchanging the product. StockX has a policy of return, so you can avail it to return your product to StockX. In case, if you ordered the wrong product you can return it without any additional cost on returning your product.

In another case, if some miss happening forbids your item to reach on listed amount of time, and then StockX attempted to arrange a suitable replacement within a decent amount of time without any additional cost. In a case when StockX fails to even provide a replacement, they have a full refund policy. This refund process takes 3-7 working days to the actual method of payment used.


The things to keep in mind when shipping an item includes,

  • Does not tape the item onto the box, instead gently put it in the box.
  • While shipping, never forgets to place the product. Some cases have been seen when empty boxes have been shipped.


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