Easy Pay at Circle K Guide

What is Circle K Easy Pay?

Circle K Easy Pay is a contactless payment system offered at Circle K gas stations and convenience stores. It allows customers to pay for gas and in-store purchases using an Easy Pay card or key tag that is linked to a payment method.

With Circle K Easy Pay, customers can pay by simply tapping their card or tag on the card reader rather than inserting a credit/debit card or using cash. This makes the checkout process faster and more convenient.

How Does Circle K Easy Pay Work?

Here is a step-by-step overview of how Circle K’s Easy Pay system works:

  1. Sign up for an Easy Pay account online or in-store and provide your payment information. This links your chosen payment method to your Easy Pay card or tag.
  2. Receive your Easy Pay card in the mail or get an Easy Pay tag in-store. The card or tag contains an NFC chip that stores your account information.
  3. To pay at the gas pump, simply tap your Easy Pay card or tag on the reader. The payment terminal will recognize your account and allow you to begin fueling.
  4. For in-store purchases, tap your card/tag on the checkout pinpad after items are scanned. Your linked payment method will automatically be charged.
  5. Payment receipts are emailed to the address associated with your Easy Pay account. You can also view transaction histories online.

With Easy Pay, there is no need to swipe or insert your physical credit/debit card. The payment process is streamlined through the contactless NFC technology.

Key Benefits of Circle K Easy Pay

Here are some of the main benefits of using Circle K’s Easy Pay system:

  • Faster checkout and payment for gas and in-store purchases
  • Hands-free payment by simply tapping your card or tag
  • No need to pull out your wallet or dig for change/cash
  • Card information is secure – payment cards stay in your wallet
  • Track spending easily through emailed receipts and account history
  • Earn Fuel Points on qualifying purchases

Getting Started with Circle K Easy Pay

How to Sign Up for a Circle K Easy Pay Account

Signing up for a Circle K Easy Pay account is quick and easy. You can enroll online or at a Circle K store.

Online Sign-Up:

  1. Go to CircleK.com and click on “Easy Pay” at the top of the page.
  2. Click “Enroll Now” and enter your email address.
  3. Create a password for your account.
  4. Enter your contact information and payment details. Circle K accepts major credit/debit cards and checking accounts.
  5. Review and submit your enrollment. You will receive a welcome email.

In-Store Sign-Up:

  1. At checkout, ask the cashier for an Easy Pay enrollment form.
  2. Fill in your information and payment method on the form.
  3. The cashier will enter your enrollment into the system and print your temporary Easy Pay tag.
  4. Your permanent Easy Pay card will arrive by mail within 7-10 days.

The sign-up process only takes a few minutes. You will be emailed confirmation when your Easy Pay account is activated.

Getting Your Easy Pay Card or Tag

After enrolling online or in-store, you will receive an Easy Pay card or tag connected to your account.

  • If you signed up online, your Easy Pay card will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days. It is a white card with the Easy Pay logo.
  • If you enrolled in-store, you will get a temporary paper tag printed to use immediately until your permanent card arrives.
  • You can also request an Easy Pay key tag instead of a card. Key tags can easily attach to your key ring for convenience.

Your Easy Pay card or tag will automatically be linked to the payment method you provided during sign-up. It contains an NFC chip that stores your account details to allow contactless payments.

Adding Payment Methods

You can add additional credit/debit cards or checking accounts to your Easy Pay account online or through the Circle K mobile app:

  • Log in to your account online or in the app and access your payment methods
  • Enter your new card details or bank account information
  • The new payment method will now be selectable at checkout

To remove a saved payment method, simply delete it from your account profile. You can have multiple payment options stored in your Easy Pay account.

Using Circle K Easy Pay In-Store & at the Pump

How to Use Easy Pay In-Store

Paying with Easy Pay inside a Circle K store is quick and easy:

  1. Shop for items as usual and proceed to checkout when ready.
  2. When prompted for payment, tap your Easy Pay card or tag on the card reader.
  3. An audible beep and green light confirm the payment was processed.
  4. Your receipt will print and you’re all set!

If your purchase exceeds $25, you may need to insert your card or enter your PIN as an additional verification step. The payment terminal will prompt you accordingly.

How to Use Easy Pay at the Pump

Filling up with Easy Pay at a Circle K fuel pump is super convenient:

  1. park next to a pump and lift the nozzle when ready to fuel up.
  2. Tap your Easy Pay card/tag on the card reader below the screen.
  3. Select or enter your desired grade of gasoline.
  4. Begin fueling – payment will process automatically after you return the nozzle.
  5. Your receipt will print on the pump screen and be emailed to your account.

If you need to pay cash for your gas instead, simply press “Pre-Pay” on the pump screen before fueling. Easy Pay is great for “pay-at-the-pump” convenience!

Selecting a Payment Method

When tapping your Easy Pay card or tag to pay, you can choose which linked payment method to use:

  • If you have one payment method on your account, it will automatically be charged.
  • For multiple methods, the pinpad will prompt you to “Tap to Pay” with your preferred option.
  • Simply tap the card image for the payment method you want to use.

Payment receipts and your account history will specify which method was charged for each transaction.

Easy Pay Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Hold your Easy Pay card 1-2 inches from the card reader when tapping to pay.
  • Do not tap more than once – this may lead to multiple charges.
  • If the payment does not go through, the terminal will display an error. Try tapping again or use another form of payment.
  • Make sure your card has not expired and your account balance is sufficient for the purchase amount.
  • If your card is lost/stolen, immediately suspend or cancel your Easy Pay account online or through the Circle K app.

For additional Easy Pay support, call the Customer Service line at 1-866-450-4194.

Managing Your Easy Pay Account

It’s easy to manage your Easy Pay account settings and transaction history online or via the Circle K mobile app.

Online Account Management

You can log in to your Easy Pay account anytime at CircleK.com to:

  • Check your account balance and recent transactions
  • View or print receipts and monthly statements
  • Add new payment methods
  • Change your account email, password, etc.
  • Suspend or cancel your account

Mobile App

The Circle K app (available for iOS and Android) allows you to:

  • Access your Easy Pay account on the go
  • Get alerts on transactions and account changes
  • Find nearby Circle K locations that accept Easy Pay
  • Check fuel prices and redemption levels for Fuel Points

Email Receipts & Statements

Every time you use Easy Pay, the receipt will be emailed to the address associated with your account. You can also opt in to receive monthly statement emails summarizing your Easy Pay transactions.

Email receipts and statements make it easy to track your spending and fuel purchases at Circle K.

Suspending or Cancelling an Account

If your Easy Pay card is lost or you would like to discontinue the service, you can quickly suspend or cancel your account online or through customer service.

  • Suspending your account temporarily deactivates it while keeping your details on file.
  • Cancelling will permanently deactivate your account.
  • Your remaining account balance (if any) will be refunded per the terms and conditions.

Easy Pay Costs, Security & Protection

Is There a Cost for Circle K Easy Pay?

The good news is that Circle K Easy Pay is completely free to enroll and use! There are no fees for getting an Easy Pay card, adding funds, or paying with Easy Pay in-store or at the pump.

You will only be charged for the actual cost of your transactions – there are no hidden fees associated with Easy Pay itself.

Is My Card Information Secure with Easy Pay?

Yes, Circle K Easy Pay uses secure NFC technology to protect your card details and transactions:

  • Your actual credit/debit card number is never stored on the Easy Pay card or transmitted during purchases.
  • Easy Pay uses tokenization – your card data is replaced with encrypted tokens or symbols during processing.
  • NFC payments are encrypted end-to-end to prevent interception or hacking.
  • You avoid exposing your card to skimmers by not inserting it into terminals.

As long as you protect your Easy Pay card from loss or theft, you can feel confident your account will remain secure.

Purchase Protection & Fraud Prevention

Your Easy Pay purchases include the same level of protection and fraud monitoring as your regular credit or debit card:

  • Transactions are monitored for suspicious activity indicating potential fraud.
  • You are protected against unauthorized charges by your card issuer’s policies (Visa, MasterCard, etc).
  • Contact your bank/card company and Circle K immediately in case of fraudulent charges.

By registering your account details, Easy Pay purchases can also be tracked and verified against your transaction history.

Easy Pay vs. Circle K Easy Rewards

In addition to Easy Pay, Circle K offers a loyalty rewards program called Easy Rewards. Here is an overview of how the two programs differ:

Easy Pay

  • Contactless payment system – tap to pay with an NFC card/tag
  • Links to your credit/debit card or bank account
  • Primarily provides faster, more convenient checkout
  • Free to enroll and use

Easy Rewards

  • Loyalty program – earn points on qualifying purchases
  • Collect points on registered Easy Rewards key tag or card
  • Points can be redeemed for discounts on fuel, snacks, etc.
  • Optional paid tier offers additional points bonuses and perks

Many customers use Easy Pay and Easy Rewards together to maximize both convenience and savings at Circle K. Purchases made using Easy Pay will automatically count toward earning Easy Rewards points as well.

Tips for Using Circle K Easy Pay

Here are some top tips for new and existing Circle K Easy Pay users:

  • Register your account promptly – this secures your card in case it is lost or stolen.
  • Link a checking account to avoid holds on your credit/debit card.
  • Designate a payment method for gas-only if you want to control expenditures.
  • Use email receipts to track purchases and fuel costs.
  • Take advantage of Fuel Points to save on gas by earning rewards.
  • Report lost cards immediately and update your account with a new card.
  • Suspend your account if your card is misplaced but found later.
  • Check your balance routinely to monitor funds.

Following these best practices will keep your Easy Pay account secure and optimized for convenience and savings.

People Also Ask

Is Easy Pay the same as Easy Rewards at Circle K?

No, Easy Pay and Easy Rewards are two separate programs. Easy Pay is a contactless payment system while Easy Rewards is a loyalty points-earning program. Many customers utilize both for convenience and savings.

Can I use Easy Pay at any Circle K location?

Most corporate-owned Circle K locations accept Easy Pay, but some franchised or licensed stores may not. Check with your local store or the Circle K app to confirm Easy Pay acceptance.

How old do you have to be to get Easy Pay?

You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for a personal Circle K Easy Pay account. However, younger customers can use a parent/guardian’s account with their permission and card.

Does Easy Pay work at Circle K gas pumps?

Yes, Circle K Easy Pay can be used to pay at the pump. Simply tap your card on the payment terminal before selecting your fuel grade and beginning to fill up.

Can I use Easy Pay at other stores besides Circle K?

No, Circle K Easy Pay can only be used for purchases at Circle K locations. It will not work at other gas stations, convenience stores, or retailers.

How do I change the card linked to my Easy Pay account?

You can update the payment card linked to your Easy Pay account by logging in online or on the Circle K mobile app. Go to your payment methods and enter your new card details.

Is my Easy Pay account protected if my card is lost/stolen?

Yes, registered Easy Pay accounts include protection against fraudulent charges. Immediately report lost/stolen cards to suspend your account and prevent unauthorized use.

How much does it cost to get a Circle K Easy Pay card?

The Circle K Easy Pay card and account are completely free. There are no fees to sign up, receive your card, add funds, or pay with Easy Pay. You will only be charged for the actual amount of your transactions.

Can you use Circle K Easy Pay at other gas stations?

No, Circle K Easy Pay can only be used at Circle K branded gas stations and convenience stores. It is not compatible with other fuel retailers like Shell, Exxon, BP, etc.

Does Circle K Easy Pay work in all states?

Circle K Easy Pay works at most corporate-owned locations across over 30 states where Circle K operates. However, acceptance may vary at some licensed or franchise stores in select regions.

Can you send money through Circle K Easy Pay?

No, Circle K Easy Pay is designed only as a payment method for purchases at Circle K. You cannot use it for transferring funds or sending money to other people.

How do I cancel my Circle K Easy Pay card?

You can cancel your Easy Pay account at any time by logging in online or calling customer service at 1-866-450-4194. Your remaining account balance will be refunded per the cancellation policy terms.

Can I use EBT with Circle K Easy Pay?

Unfortunately EBT cards cannot be linked to a Circle K Easy Pay account at this time. However, EBT cards can still be used for purchases at Circle K by inserting your card or swiping it normally.

How do I check my Circle K Easy Pay balance?

You can check your Easy Pay balance and account activity by logging into your account online or in the Circle K mobile app. Your receipts will also show your remaining balance after each transaction.

What states does Circle K Easy Pay work in?

Circle K Easy Pay is accepted at most locations in over 30 states across the Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, and Southeast regions. Check the store locator to confirm participation at your local store.

Can you use a prepaid card for Circle K Easy Pay?

Yes, you can link most major prepaid/gift debit cards to your Easy Pay account, including options like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

How old do you have to be to sign up for Circle K Easy Pay?

You must be at least 18 years old to enroll in Circle K Easy Pay under your own account. Minors can use a parent or guardian’s account with their permission.


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