Does Uber Pay Tolls?

When taking an Uber ride, you may notice additional charges added to your trip fare beyond just the base ride fee. These can include tolls, surcharges, or other fees that are commonly encountered during a trip. So does Uber pay for tolls or do drivers or riders cover these costs? Here’s a closer look at how tolls are handled with Uber.

Uber Drivers Pay Tolls Upfront

In most cases, it is the Uber driver who pays any tolls upfront during the trip. As the driver passes through a toll area, whether that’s a toll road, bridge, tunnel, or airport toll, they are responsible for covering the toll fee immediately out of their own pocket.

Uber does not directly pay or reimburse drivers for these toll expenses. The toll payment is made by the driver and then gets passed on to the rider through their final trip fare.

Tolls Are Added to the Rider’s Fare

After paying a toll, the driver will add the toll charge to the rider’s fare for the trip. So while the driver pays upfront initially, the cost gets transferred to the passenger through their total trip charge.

The toll fee paid by the driver will be automatically added to the rider’s fare, usually as a separate tolls and fees line item detailing the total amount of tolls incurred during the trip.

Tolls May Not Exactly Match Driver Payment

It’s important to note that the toll charge added to the rider’s Uber fare may not exactly match the toll amount paid by the driver for a couple of reasons:

  • The rider may be charged a standard toll amount based on the route, not the actual dynamic toll paid. This covers fluctuations in toll rates.
  • The driver may receive a discounted toll rate that is not fully passed on to the rider, such as for using a transponder or being in an HOV lane.
  • Surcharges and fees may be added on top of the base toll amount charged to the rider.

Other Trip Fees

In addition to tolls, riders may also encounter other fees added on by drivers over the course of a trip, such as:

  • Airport pickup/dropoff fees
  • Venue entry fees
  • Parking fees
  • Long return trip fees after final destination

These types of fees are retained by the driver to cover their expenses and costs associated with that individual trip.

People Also Ask

Do you have to pay tolls with Uber?

Yes, riders are responsible for paying all tolls that are incurred during their Uber trip. The tolls are paid upfront by the driver and then added onto the rider’s final fare for the trip.

Does Uber charge riders for tolls?

Yes, Uber passes along any toll charges to the rider by adding the toll fee to the trip’s total fare. Drivers pay the tolls upfront and Uber then bills the rider for reimbursement.

Do Uber drivers get reimbursed for tolls?

Uber does not directly reimburse drivers for toll expenses. Instead, drivers are expected to pay tolls upfront while on a trip and then add the toll charge to the rider’s fare for reimbursement.

How are tolls calculated with Uber?

The toll charge added to the rider’s fare may be based on a standard rate by route rather than the actual toll paid. This accounts for variable toll prices. Surcharges may also be added on top of the base toll amount.


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