Does Uber Eats Take EBT?

Using EBT benefits on food delivery services like Uber Eats can make getting groceries more convenient, especially for those with limited transportation or mobility. Uber Eats will start accepting EBT payments for grocery delivery in 2024, joining competitors like Instacart who already offer this payment option.

So can you use EBT on Uber Eats right now? The answer depends on your state and the type of food ordered.

Does Uber Eats Accept EBT/SNAP Benefits?

Uber Eats does not currently accept EBT or SNAP benefits for food purchases nationwide. However, the company announced in late 2022 that it will start allowing EBT cardholders to order grocery delivery through the Uber Eats app beginning in 2024.

This future EBT acceptance will make online grocery shopping more accessible to low-income households who rely on programs like SNAP. Uber Eats deliveries will help those with transportation barriers, disabilities, or those living in food deserts access fresh and affordable food options.

State-by-State EBT Policies

While Uber Eats does not yet take EBT across the U.S., some states allow limited EBT purchases from restaurants and food delivery apps if the food is uncooked. For example:

  • In New York, EBT can be used for cold, uncooked food purchases only – not for hot food delivery or delivery fees.
  • In other states like California, EBT is accepted at some fast food chains for select cold and hot items.
  • Each state has different rules about what can be purchased with EBT online or through delivery apps.

Other Delivery Services That Accept EBT

Instacart is one delivery app that already accepts EBT SNAP payments for groceries in all 50 states as of 2022. Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers also offer EBT grocery pickup and delivery in many regions.

Most restaurant delivery apps don’t take EBT, but some fast food/quick service restaurants allow EBT cards in store and for takeout where state laws permit.

People Also Ask

Does Uber Eats accept food stamps?

No, Uber Eats does not currently accept food stamps or SNAP EBT benefits. The app will begin permitting EBT grocery purchases in 2024.

Can I use EBT on grocery delivery?

Yes, many grocery delivery services like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Amazon now accept EBT SNAP for online orders. Each state has different regulations about which retailers accept EBT for delivery.

Does DoorDash take EBT?

No, DoorDash does not take EBT benefits for food or grocery delivery. Most restaurant delivery apps only accept regular credit/debit cards or gift cards.

Can I use EBT at fast food restaurants?

In some states, EBT cards can be used to purchase certain cold or hot food items at fast food chains. However, delivery and service fees cannot be paid with EBT.


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