Does Gopuff Take EBT

Gopuff does not accept EBT. While they do accept cash, credit, and debit cards, EBT is not an option. This is because Gopuff is considered a convenience store, and most convenience stores do not accept EBT.

What Is Gopuff?

Founded by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev, Gopuff is a convenient grocery delivery service that has expanded its reach to over 1,000 cities in the US and Europe. Customers can order a wide range of products, including snacks, pet food, fresh produce, and more, from the comfort of their homes.

EBT/SNAP: What You Need to Know

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, is a government program that provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families. SNAP benefits can be used to purchase food items at grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and other food retailers that accept EBT.

To be eligible for SNAP benefits, applicants must meet certain income requirements. Once approved, they receive an EBT card, which functions like a debit card, to purchase eligible food items. The program aims to help low-income individuals and families afford nutritious food, and it has been successful in reducing hunger and food insecurity in the United States.

Can You Use EBT or SNAP Benefits at Gopuff?

While many retailers and grocery stores accept EBT or SNAP benefits for food purchases, Gopuff does not fall into this category. As a restaurant-prepared food delivery service, Gopuff is not authorized by the USDA to accept SNAP benefits as payment. Thus, they cannot currently accept EBT or SNAP cards for orders.

What Payment Methods Does Gopuff Accept?

Even though EBT is not an accepted form of payment, Gopuff offers a variety of other payment methods for customers’ convenience. These include:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Venmo

Customers can easily switch between payment methods in their accounts, making the checkout process smooth and efficient.

Free Laptop with EBT, Food StampsDoes Restaurant Depot Accept EBT?

What Are The Limits on How Much I Can Spend With EBT?

The spending limits for EBT cards vary depending on the state. For example, in California, the limit is $500 per month for a family of four, while in Texas, it is $1,000 per month for a family of four. These limits are based on the average cost of food for a family of four in each state, ensuring that families have enough funds to purchase food for a whole month.

If you need assistance in budgeting your SNAP benefits, there are online tools available, such as the one provided by the USDA, to help you calculate your monthly benefits and create a budget accordingly.

Where Is EBT Accepted?

EBT is accepted at most grocery stores and some convenience stores, allowing recipients to purchase food items. However, there may be some exceptions, as some stores do not accept EBT for certain products like alcohol or tobacco. Additionally, stores like Walmart and Target often have separate lines for EBT customers to use at the register.

Online Food Delivery Apps That Accept EBT Card

While Gopuff does not accept EBT, there are other online food delivery apps that do accept EBT as payment. Some of the most popular food delivery apps that accept EBT include:

  • Instacart: A grocery delivery service that partners with local stores to deliver groceries to your door.
  • Amazon Fresh: A grocery delivery service from the online retailer Amazon.
  • Whole Foods Market: A grocery store chain with locations across the United States.
  • Walmart Grocery: A grocery delivery service from the retail giant Walmart.

These apps allow you to shop for groceries from the comfort of your home and have them delivered right to your door, making it convenient for EBT recipients to access fresh and essential food items.

Are EBT-Compliant Delivery Services Available?

While Gopuff may not accept EBT, other online food delivery services do cater to EBT cardholders. For example, Amazon (AmazonFresh and AmazonPantry) accepts EBT cards as payment in most states, except for Montana, Louisiana, and Alaska. Additionally, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Instacart are among the retailers and grocery delivery services that accept EBT payments.


Gopuff does not currently accept EBT as a form of payment. As a convenience store and restaurant-prepared food delivery service, EBT payments are not applicable to their model. However, there are other online food delivery apps and grocery stores that accept EBT, providing EBT cardholders with various options to access essential food items.

While Gopuff may not accept EBT, it remains a popular choice for customers looking for quick and efficient grocery delivery services, with a wide range of products available at affordable prices.


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