Does Edible Arrangements Accept EBT?

Edible Arrangements is a popular gift retailer specializing in fresh fruit arrangements and other tasty treats. Their artistically crafted fruit bouquets make for a unique and delicious gift option. However, some shoppers wonder if Edible Arrangements accepts EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) payments. Here is a comprehensive overview of Edible Arrangements’ EBT policy.

Does Edible Arrangements Accept EBT?

No, Edible Arrangements does not directly accept EBT payments in their stores or online. EBT cards, also known as food stamps, can only be used to purchase eligible grocery items at participating retailers. Edible Arrangements specializes in gifting rather than grocery, so they do not accept EBT as a payment method.

Why Doesn’t Edible Arrangements Take EBT?

There are a few reasons why Edible Arrangements does not accept EBT payments:

  • EBT can only be used for SNAP-eligible foods – Edible Arrangements sells gift baskets with fruits and sweets. These are not considered essential grocery items under SNAP guidelines.
  • EBT is for personal consumption – The gifts sold by Edible Arrangements are designed to be given to others. EBT benefits cannot be used to purchase gifts.
  • Edible Arrangements is not a SNAP authorized retailer – In order to accept EBT payments, retailers have to be approved by the SNAP program. Edible Arrangements does not currently have SNAP approval.

So in summary, both the nature of Edible Arrangements’ products and their lack of SNAP authorization precludes them from accepting EBT as payment.

Where Can EBT Cards Be Used?

While EBT cannot be used directly at Edible Arrangements, there are many places that do accept EBT payments. Here are some of the most common places to use EBT benefits:

  • Grocery stores – Most major supermarket chains accept EBT, including Walmart, Target, Aldi, Kroger, Safeway, etc.
  • Convenience stores – Many convenience stores like 7-Eleven accept EBT, but selection may be limited.
  • Farmer’s markets – Many local farmer’s markets accept EBT for purchasing fresh produce.
  • Online grocery delivery – Services like Instacart allow EBT payments for eligible grocery orders.
  • Gas stations – Some gas stations allow the purchase of eligible grocery items with EBT.

The EBT card functions like a debit card, so anywhere that accepts debit and has eligible SNAP groceries can potentially accept EBT. But policies vary by retailer, so it’s best to ask first.

Can You Buy Edible Arrangements Gift Cards With EBT?

Unfortunately, EBT funds cannot be used to purchase Edible Arrangements gift cards either in-store or online. Gift cards are not considered an eligible purchase under SNAP guidelines, so they cannot be bought with EBT benefits.

However, recipients could potentially use their own cash to buy an Edible Arrangements gift card and then use that card to make a purchase at a later date. But the initial gift card purchase itself cannot be made with EBT.

Where Can You Buy Edible Arrangements Gift Cards?

If you wish to purchase an Edible Arrangements gift card for someone, here are some places you can find them:

  • Edible Arrangements stores – Physical Edible Arrangements locations sell gift cards onsite.
  • Edible Arrangements website – You can purchase eGift cards directly on
  • Grocery stores/pharmacies – Many retailers like Walgreens, Safeway, etc. sell Edible Arrangements gift cards.
  • Discount gift card sites – Websites like CardCash allow you to buy discounted gift cards.
  • Online marketplaces – Sites like eBay and Amazon have sellers offering Edible Arrangements cards.

Just be aware that EBT or food stamps cannot be used for the gift card purchase itself. But the recipient can use the gift card to make purchases at Edible Arrangements.

Can You Walk In and Buy Edible Arrangements?

Yes, you can absolutely walk into any Edible Arrangements location and purchase their products without an appointment or ordering ahead. They welcome walk-in customers.

When you enter an Edible Arrangements store, you will be able to browse their available fresh fruit bouquet options. You can select a pre-designed arrangement or customize your own fruit creation. Then just let an employee know you’d like to purchase your edible arrangement!

The store associate will gather your selected fruits, arrange them, package the bouquet, and complete your purchase. Then you can walk out with your edible arrangement in hand.

So if you decide last minute you want to stop by Edible Arrangements to pick up a gift, you are absolutely welcome to do so. No need to call or order online first.

Can You Buy Edible Arrangements In-Store?

Yes, Edible Arrangements’ physical retail locations allow you to buy their fresh fruit arrangements and other products in-person. Purchasing in-store provides a few advantages:

  • You can evaluate product quality and ripeness yourself
  • No shipping charges or delivery worries
  • Immediate gratification – take it home right away
  • Fun experience browsing all the options

Edible Arrangements stores will have a cooler displaying their fresh fruit bouquets and arrangements ready for purchase. You can also find related products like dipped fruit boxes, fruit salads, cookies, etc. The staff can customize or suggest arrangement options too.

So if you want to hand select or need a last minute gift, buying your edible arrangements in-person is a great option. Locations are continuing to expand across the U.S. and Canada.

Are Edible Arrangements Safe?

Yes, Edible Arrangements fruit arrangements are perfectly safe to eat and gift. Here’s why you don’t need to worry:

  • Quality ingredients – They use fresh, high quality fruits and ingredients.
  • Proper handling – Fruit is washed, cleaned and safely stored.
  • Swift delivery – Arrangements are rushed to consumers to maintain freshness.
  • Food safety training – Employees follow proper sanitation and prep guidelines.
  • Regulation – Edible Arrangements meets all state and local food safety laws.

Edible Arrangements takes many measures to ensure the safety of their food. Their arrangements should be handled just like any fresh fruit purchase and consumed within a reasonable window before spoilage.

Those with extreme allergies or sensitivities should always take normal precautions. But for most, these creations can be gifted and enjoyed without safety concerns.

Is Edible Arrangements Legit?

Yes, Edible Arrangements is a completely legitimate business. Here are some signs it’s a trustworthy brand:

  • 20+ year history and 1,200+ locations demonstrate successful operations.
  • A+ rating from BBB with positive customer reviews.
  • Listed publicly as a company and part of Edible Brands.
  • Have delivered millions of gifts without major complaints.
  • Featured in mainstream publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc.

Edible Arrangements is a well-established company with a track record of satisfied gift giving customers. There are no signs this business is somehow fraudulent or risky to purchase from.

Common sense precautions still apply, like looking out for fake websites and scams. But the real Edible Arrangements sites and stores are professional and legitimate enterprises.

People Also Ask

Can you use EBT card at Edible Arrangements?

No, EBT cards cannot be used to pay at Edible Arrangements. Their gifting products do not qualify for SNAP benefit purchases. Only retailers selling SNAP-eligible groceries can accept EBT payments.

What stores accept EBT as payment?

Most major grocery stores accept EBT, including Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Aldi, Target, and many convenience stores. Some farmer’s markets, gas stations, wholesalers, and online grocery delivery services may also accept EBT for eligible items.

What can you not buy with EBT food stamps?

EBT benefits cannot be used to buy premade hot foods, vitamins, pet foods, household supplies, tobacco, alcohol, or non-food items. Ineligible groceries include snacks, sodas, candies, etc. EBT also cannot be used to purchase gifts or gift cards.

Can I use my EBT card at any store?

No, EBT cards can only be used at participating retailers authorized by the SNAP program. Not all stores accept EBT. And those that do may have limitations on what can be purchased with benefits.

How do I buy edible arrangements for someone else?

You can place an order on the Edible Arrangements website and select delivery or pick-up by someone else. Or purchase an eGift card they can use for their arrangement. Calling your local store to arrange something is another option.


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