Does CVS Sell Stamps?

If you need to mail a letter or package, you’ll likely need postage stamps. Many people wonder if they can buy stamps at CVS. As one of the largest pharmacy and convenience store chains, CVS sells a variety of everyday items. But does CVS sell stamps? Let’s find out.

Does CVS Sell Postage Stamps?

Yes, CVS does sell postage stamps. At most CVS locations in the U.S., you can purchase booklets or coils of forever stamps, which are valid for mailing one-ounce letters no matter when in the future are used. Keep reading to learn more about buying stamps at CVS.

Types of Stamps Sold at CVS

CVS sells the following types of USPS postage stamps:

  • Forever stamps – These first-class stamps are sold in booklets of 20 or coils of 100. Forever stamps are always equal to the current first-class one-ounce letter rate. They do not expire.
  • Additional ounce stamps – These add-on stamps can be used in addition to a forever stamp when sending letters over one ounce.
  • Postcard stamps – These stamps are specifically for mailing postcards within the U.S.

You can purchase forever stamps featuring basic flag designs or special commemorative designs honoring people, events, causes, and more. However, selection is limited compared to the post office.

Where to Find Stamps in CVS

Stamps are not located in a dedicated section at CVS but can be found in a few places:

  • Some stores keep books of stamps at the registers for quick purchases.
  • Others have stamps in the office supplies section near envelopes, packing supplies, and mailing products.
  • If you can’t find stamps, ask any store employee for assistance.

Stamp Prices at CVS

Stamp prices at CVS are the same as USPS prices. As of 2023, here are the current rates:

  • Forever stamps (booklet of 20): $12
  • Forever stamps (coil of 100): $60
  • Additional ounce stamps (single): $0.24
  • Postcard stamps (single): $0.44

You can pay for stamps at CVS using cash, credit/debit cards, and ExtraCare rewards. Prices are standard across locations.

Purchasing Single Stamps

One downside to buying stamps at CVS is that they do not sell individual stamps. The minimum is a booklet of 20. If you only need a few stamps, the post office is a better option.

Buying Stamps Online at

CVS also sells select stamps on their website The selection is limited compared to in-store, but you can shop for stamps 24/7. Available stamps include:

  • Forever stamps (booklet of 20)
  • Winter Wonderland (booklet of 20)
  • Lunar New Year (booklet of 20)
  • Love Flowers (booklet of 20)

To order stamps online at CVS:

  1. Browse and select stamps to add to your cart.
  2. At checkout, select a shipping option or in-store pickup.
  3. Enter payment and shipping information.
  4. Your stamps will arrive by mail or be available for store pickup within 1-2 days.

Returning and Exchanging Stamps

CVS allows returns and exchanges on unused stamps within 60 days with the original receipt. Make sure the stamps are still in the original packaging. Used, damaged, or missing stamps cannot be returned. You can return stamps purchased online by mail or at any CVS location.

Other Postal Services at CVS

In addition to selling stamps, many CVS locations offer other postal services either in-store or nearby, such as:

  • Stamped mail drop-off – Some locations have blue USPS mail collection boxes inside or just outside.
  • Full-service post offices – Stand-alone post office branches are located inside or next door to some CVS stores.
  • kiosks – Self-service kiosks allow you to print shipping labels and pay for postage.
  • Packing supplies – CVS sells bubble mailers, boxes, tape, and other mailing supplies.

Pros and Cons of Buying Stamps at CVS

Here are some key advantages and disadvantages of purchasing stamps from CVS:


  • Stamp prices are identical to post office prices
  • Many locations open extended hours for convenience
  • Can shop for stamps while running other errands at CVS
  • Forever Stamps will always be valid for first-class postage
  • Can earn and use ExtraCare rewards on stamp purchases


  • Selection is limited compared to the post office
  • No custom or international stamps available
  • Minimum purchase is a booklet of 20 stamps
  • Cannot buy individual stamps
  • Returns only allowed on unused stamps with receipt

Tips for Buying Stamps at CVS

Follow these tips to save time and money when purchasing stamps for your mail at CVS:

  • Call ahead to verify stamps are in stock at your local store before going.
  • Buy Forever Stamps to hedge against future postal rate increases.
  • Use ExtraCare rewards to get 2% back on all stamp purchases.
  • Stock up when you see stamps on sale or special discount offers.
  • Purchase additional ounce stamps for heavier mail pieces.
  • Save gas and time by buying stamps while running other errands.
  • Check expiration dates and only buy current stamps valid for postage.

People Also Ask

Does every CVS location sell stamps?

Most CVS locations sell stamps, but availability can vary by store. Calling ahead or using the CVS store locator to check is recommended. 24-hour and high-traffic stores are more likely to carry stamps consistently.

What is the best way to find stamps in CVS stores?

Ask any store employee for help locating stamps if you cannot find them. Stamps may be at registers, in office supplies, or behind the customer service desk. Knowing the standard places to check will make finding stamps faster.

Are there limitations on how many stamps I can buy?

There is no limit on the number of stamp booklets or coils you can purchase from CVS. You can buy as many as you need provided the store has enough in stock.

Can I use coupons on stamp purchases at CVS?

Unfortunately CVS does not accept coupons specifically for stamps. However, you can still earn and use ExtraCare reward dollars, which is like getting cash back. Coupons can be used on other products bought with stamps.

Does CVS sell stamps for international mail?

No, CVS only sells regular domestic U.S. postage stamps. For international mail, specialty stamps must be purchased at the post office or online from USPS.

Does CVS sell international stamps?

No, unfortunately CVS does not sell international postage stamps. They only carry basic forever and additional ounce stamps for domestic U.S. mail. You must purchase international stamps at USPS locations or on

Can you buy stamps at CVS Pharmacy?

Yes, CVS Pharmacy is a division of CVS Health that operates retail pharmacy locations. Most CVS Pharmacy stores sell the same postage stamps and mailing supplies as regular CVS locations.

What days and times is CVS open to buy stamps?

Hours vary, but many CVS locations are open 7 days a week, with weekday hours from 7am – 10pm and weekend hours from 8am – 10pm. 24-hour CVS stores allow stamp purchases anytime. Store pharmacies may have different hours.

Does CVS sell collectors stamps?

No, CVS does not carry any limited edition collectible stamps. They only sell regular everyday postage like forever and additional ounce stamps. Collectors stamps can be found at post office locations.

Can stamps be returned to CVS without a receipt?

CVS will only accept stamp returns or exchanges when accompanied by the original receipt. The stamps must also be in new, unopened condition. Without a receipt and original packaging, CVS cannot process a stamp refund or exchange.

Where can I buy stamps near me if CVS is out of stock?

If your local CVS is out of stamps, the closest places to buy them are typically Walgreens, Walmart, grocery stores, convenience stores, and standalone post offices. Rate and selection will vary by retailer.

Does CVS sell stamps in rolls or sheets?

CVS only sells stamp booklets (panes of 20 stamps) and coils of 100 stamps. They do not offer stamps loose in rolls or full uncut press sheets. For stamp rolls, sheets, and more, visit the post office or online stamp retailers.

Can I use ExtraBucks rewards to buy stamps at CVS?

Yes, ExtraBucks rewards coupons and ExtraCare rewards dollars earned at CVS can be redeemed toward the purchase of postage stamps. The same coupons and rewards apply to stamps as most other products.

How long is the CVS stamp return/exchange policy?

Unused stamps can be returned or exchanged at CVS within 60 days of the purchase date. The original receipt is required, and any opened packages or missing stamps cannot be refunded. This policy applies to in-store and online stamp orders.

The Bottom Line

CVS is a convenient place to buy forever stamps and other basic postage when you need to mail letters or postcards from home or for a small business. Prices are the same as USPS. Just keep in mind that selection is limited compared to the post office, online, or specialty stamp shops.

Buying stamps when you already planned a CVS trip can save time and gas. You can also order stamps online for delivery or in-store pickup. With thousands of locations across the U.S., CVS is a reliable source for keeping your mailbox stocked.


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